Bleeds the Weaver

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Bleeds the Weaver

Notable Traits: Wears nice clothes...poorly. Seems distracted by matching pairs of things.

Pack: None at this time.

Sept: None currently, but stays around the Des Moines area.


Bleeds the Weaver is known to have started as a lab rat in the Des Moines area. Not much is known about the time right after his first change,


  • Bleeds has amassed enough wealth to easily place him in the top 1%, but refuses to spend it.
  • Bleeds keep two notebooks: One to keep track of his "stuff" and one to keep track of what people owe him.
  • Bleeds knows how to kill the Weaver, but isn't ready to discuss it just yet.
  • He amassed his wealth from running an underground Murder for Profit ring in the greater Des Moines area.


"Where in the Hell did all of that jewelry come from? Never mind. I'm probably better off not knowing." - Alex Drake

"The best and the worst days of my life happened because of the work he did, work I helped him do and work I knew nothing about. I cannot forgive him. I cannot hate him. I Respect his craft." - Spins Silver

"I'm grateful for the lesson you taught me when you broke my trust." - 'Spector

OOC Information

Player: David F. US2003092225


Venue Storyteller Email: IA-001-D:The Asylum: WtA Venue Storyteller: Dennis Martin
Domain Storyteller Email: IA-001-D: The Asylum: Domain Storyteller: N. Thurston

Location: Des Moines, Iowa