Bleeds the Weaver

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Bleeds the Weaver

Notable Traits: Wears nice clothes...poorly. Seems distracted by matching pairs of things.

Pack: None at this time.

Sept: None currently, but stays around the Des Moines area.


Bleeds the Weaver is known to have started as a lab rat in the Des Moines area. Not much is known about the time right after his first change,


  • Bleeds has amassed enough wealth to easily place him in the top 1%, but refuses to spend it.
  • Bleeds keep two notebooks: One to keep track of his "stuff" and one to keep track of what people owe him.
  • Bleeds knows how to kill the Weaver, but isn't ready to discuss it just yet.

OOC Information

Player: David F. US2003092225


Venue Storyteller Email: IA-001-D:The Asylum: WtA Venue Storyteller: Dennis Martin
Domain Storyteller Email: IA-001-D: The Asylum: Domain Storyteller: N. Thurston

Location: Des Moines, Iowa