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Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan: Gangrel

Affiliation: Sabbat

Notable Traits: Eyes masked in blues and pinks, feathered cloak, unblinking stares

General Background


Beverly Krieger was born on a large cattle station near Alice Springs, Australia in 1890. She quickly grew weary of the company of the hands working it, her own family, and their attempts to get her married to the son of the neighboring cattle station's owners, and fled to London in 1910. She took a small living as a nurse, and when WW I started, went to France. She was Embraced at the Battle of Vimy Ridge by one of her patients in the throes of frenzy from a lack of blood. She traveled with him back to Canada where she spent time under his accounting until 1947 where she fled to Mexico City, was captured by Sabbat, and forced to convert sects or die. While she did convert, she lost her pack in 2002 and decided to spend her time in solitude, not involving herself in the survival of well-being of her sect as she mourned the loss. She has only recently come out of hiding with the recent events in San Marcos




Email: Kim H

Member: US2015080036

Location: San Marcos, TX

Storyteller: Interim