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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: "Blizzard"

Notable Traits: Seemingly very young

Pack: Beneath Strange Skies


Sept: Sept of the Willow



  • Born in the Ural Mountains on 3/13/2016
  • Traveled the mountains and surrounding areas with other kinfolk and a few changers.
  • As a kinfolk he was always straying from the pack and looking into various interesting things
  • Experienced first change in late 2017. Despite being barely more than a pup, had homid form of around 18 years old.
  • Is taught how to use a bow by the Pack Alpha (npc), and learns very fast due to his curious nature and want to help.
  • Notices a solitary Garou traveling the Shadowlands across the Ural Mountains and is intrigued in this person.
  • Receives permission from the Alpha of the pack protecting the Kinfolk and cubs of the Wendigo to go with this individual if he would allow it.
  • This is seen as a learning experience and excites метель a great deal as he has been learning so quickly and excitedly goes with the new Garou
  • Before leaving, Pack Alpha (NPC) gifts метель a fetish hunting bow that was crafted for him and his eventual travels.
  • Forms new Pack with Red Water, Miles, and (unnamed pc played by Jacob Barger) in late 2017

Pack Mates:


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OOC Information

Player: James Aulby

Player Email: Blizzard

Storyteller: Jacob Barger

Storyteller Email: VST IN-014-D Indy

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana