Blood Eagles

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When word went out that the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement were teaming up to assault Sabbat strongholds in Canada, one of the first to put out a Call for support was an infamous Anarch called Black Agni. Agni had survived several decades as an Anarch and gained notable renown for answering every Call to Arms he heard of. Black Agni was even known to show up when it was rumoured that the Movement needed fighters. Many knew of Agni, and all that did, knew he would fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. Agni put out a call to all Anarchs to join in a single force and raid into Canada. Those who responded came with fellow gang members and by themselves. All were welcome. This motley band of vampires bonded closely with one another and over the months of the initial joke of them being Anarch Vikings caught on and became a serious thing. Groups of Anarchs were arranged into raiding parties in the invasion and the common culture of street gangs, MCs and Viking raiders merged over time into one culture. When the Chicago Blood Accords were signed and the fighting “officially” ended it was decided by the surviving Anarchs that a new gang would be formed. Following the Viking lines, the gang was named The Blood Eagles, after a painful execution method of Viking stories. Any Anarch who was part of the invasion into Canada would forever hold the right to membership. Those that chose to stay in Canada formed chapters of the gang in the newly claimed territories.

Notable members