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Commonly Known Information

Name: Sera "Bo" ((OOC: a few characters know her last name, Ulhjert – if your character is not family, please ask before assuming!))

Notable Traits:

  • White hair (often dyed interesting colors)
  • Accompanied by a strange dog-like creature she calls Kira
  • Oddly good at tracking

Type: Wolfblooded

Union: Mercenary Union



Bo was born in the Verge to a werewolf mercenary and a woman with white hair. She inherited a stubborn streak from both of them, and ended up leaving home after an argument with her father. Bo has a very loyal companion named Kira. She will not say where she met the creature or how she engenders such loyalty, but Kira is invaluable the Bo in her work as a mercenary. Bo tends not to talk about her past, but is generally pleasant and likes to meet new people.




  • Nicest Merc you’ll ever meet.
  • Only kills in self-defense or when she’s specifically paid to.
  • Kills often, she’s just good at hiding it.
  • Is in fact a werewolf
  • Is something else entirely
  • The dog can find you, no matter where you are.

OOC Information

Player: Terry Broekers

Player Email:

Storyteller: US Virtual ST

Storyteller Email: