Bodi Mindree

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The Explorers Guilds symbol

Name: Bodi Mindree
Rank: Captain
Union: Explorer
Notable Traits: Pending
Region: The Verge
Sector: Three
System: Crimson

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Bodi Quotes.png

  • "You are right officer, I should not have drawn my weapon to protect the people on the station from that creature. That is your job. so where were you again?" - Bodi Mindree
  • "You want to know how long Captain Mindree has been piloting the Diligent? I cannot tell you that information it is classified." - Lane Kugler
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Bodi Rumors.png

  • Captain Mindree is well known for rescuing stranded ships in the Crimson system.
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Spaceship Information.png

Starship Name: The Diligent
Starship Class: Heavy Bulk Freighter
Starship Manufacturer: Paracon
Starship Generation: Fifth
Starship Crew

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Starship Size:

OOC Information

Player: Vic Levandoski
Player Email:Bodi Mindree
Storyteller: Rebecca Gearhart
Storyteller Email:VST Space IL-009-D
Location: Bloomington Illinois