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"May your anchor be right, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced, and your compass be true."

Character Information

Name: Bones

Type: Mage

Path: Acanthus

Order: Talons

Union: Explorers

Company: Utopia Explorations

Notable Traits:

  • He serves as the defense fleet coordinator for the Utopia System.


  • He spends far too much of his time and money on golf and drinking.
  • He hobnobs with those high on the totem pole, and has a lot more influence than folks think.
  • He served on a crew with the Dread Pirate...
  • Bones is terrified of the Thurisaz. One would think he'd seen one in person!
  • When he blew up that planet, what happened before and after? It was a star...


  • "Why are you like this?!" - Hermès Van Xandt
  • "Bones is a lucky man. Good luck. Bad luck. He's got all of it." - Captain Xanatos Hawthorne
  • "Strangely, not the most irresponsible mage I've ever met." - Aiden
  • "One of the few people in the universe I think has finally actually earned a vacation. That should tell you a lot, coming from me." - Radam
  • "He's defensive, he's curious, and he's got too much on his plate. Otherwise, he's alright. He does his job. I do mine. We're good." - Lux
  • "Yeah, yeah. I've heard it a thousand times before. 'My cult is better than yours.'" - Bones
  • "...Nostalgia, meet teflon tape." - Bones

OOC Information

Player: James Hook

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kyle Broekers

Storyteller Email:

Location: Austin, Tx