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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Seven of Nine aka Boomer

Notable Traits: Looks like Deadpool & Freddy Kruger had a baby and tried to burn evidence.


Society: N/A



Boomer was born and bitten at the Great Plague in Lagos, Nigeria, but was captured during a Pentex lab raid of the trash heaps there as they looked for specimens to test various products on. During Pentex testing it was discovered that he was a budding ratkin and they used him to test various incendiary and toxic components to judge his aka ratkin recovery potential. During one of these experiments he and nine other ratkin were caged and exposed to a toxic gas. One of the rats attacked the others and it lead to a great brawl. The only one who survived was a heavily burned and mildly derranged rat with a tattoo of 7/9 on his left ear.

This lone rat played dead till a lab attendent decided to check on the experment. That resulted in its death and 7/9's escape.

He later obtained the deed name "Boomer" after he mixed various chemicals into a reactive agent which when exposed to air, produced a very large explosion which killed over 200 oil workers and rumored Pentex test vessel.


"He maybe a thief but definately not a liar." "Has over 700 children and over 30 lovers" "May have rabies" "Loves Cat Fera"

The Things They Say

Ugly has a new word "Boomer" Dont leave unsupervised I believe he stole my watch and replaced it with a fake Dont let him near the BBQ Grill, no matter how good a cook he claims

  • "My nominee for the Nation's 'Father of the Year Award'. 500 kids, and he cares for them all? The time spent scrounging up birthday presents alone would be outrageous." - 'Spector

OOC Information

Player: Chris Duesler

Player Email:

Storyteller: Michael "Doc" Lone

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Location: Spartanburg, SC