Boops the Wyrm

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Boops the Wyrm, real name is Helayna
Notable Traits: Bitten
Society: Fera
Tribe: Celican
Sept: Storm's Shelter
Pack & Titles: Nine Lives; Beta of the... Sept... mostly.


  • Born 1986
  • Bitten and changed 2016 in the Steppes
  • Joined up with a group trying to make a new Sept in Des Moines 2017


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  • Her mother was a Kahn. But her Father was Silver Fang.
    • No no, Fang Kin, and their marriage was definitely NOT approved.
  • Boops demands that any territory her pack occupies has a 'pile of hot rocks', either sun baked or heated artificially. For naps, of course.
  • Boops' day just isn't complete until she has pushed something off of a ledge. Some days, this is devastating.
Art by Tobias Gurl


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  • "I think she tried to comfort me a bit after telling some two hundred shifters that they were going to get their families killed with their infighting... First cat that's ever asked if I wanted them to be in my lap instead of just doing whatever they wanted." - Madison Walsh
  • "Boops is good friend. Very distant cousin. We like to go bowling some times. Am glad she is on my side. Cat are too good at fighting rats." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy
  • "Watching her attack whole packs of BSDs at once is something you just have to see." - Carries the Dead


Associations/Character Ties

Your Name Description of tie to Boops the Wyrm
Games the System aka Rusty If you are looking for Boops, look no further than Games the System. She can be found trying to get him to admit to liking her just about any day of the week... except on Sundays. (That is when Rusty does his cooking.) She has been known to turn up in the backseat of his car just in time to assist with combat among other things. PS: Rusty is allergic to cats. PS Again: SUPER allergic. (SO ALLERGIC)
Trade Secrets aka Nizhoni Ward Nizhoni isn't 100% certain, but she THINKS the first time she meet Boops was at one of the gatherings early in 2017. It is possible that Boops was around previous to that. Nizhoni has never owned a cat but swears she's found cat fur on her stuff for years prior. It COULD be from Boops. Maybe it was a warning of fur to come....

Playlist - Combat the Wyrm/Tunes to Boop By

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OOC Information

Player: Jessica Stone
Player Email:
Storyteller: Dennis Martin
Storyteller Email:
Location: Des Moines, Iowa