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Information Known to Members of the Sabbat

Name: Borreroak (aka. Don Octavio Narro)

Notable Traits:

  • Angelic Visage
  • Eerie Presence x2
    • Black Eyes
    • Creepy Shadow (ala. Bram Stoker's Dracula)
  • Executioner
  • Obvious Predator
  • On a Path of Enlightenment

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Orthodox

Position(s): Ductus

Pack: Aita Ilum Kofradia

Morality: Path of Righteous Night

Archetype: Monster

Virtue: Courage / Fortitude

Vice: Pride


The anti-Zorro.


Octavio was born in San Sebastián, Spain where he lived for 13 years before his family moved to the San Diego area. His family had extensive land holdings in the area, which he took over after murdering his father at the age of 18. He ruled his family lands with a harsh and cruel hand earning himself the sobriquet “The Hangman”, and ultimately attracting the attention of Serafino, where upon he was embraced during the Walpurgisnacht High Holiday in 1843. Two years later he underwent his creation rites and became True Sabbat, taking the name Borreroak. He participated in both (1955 & 2002) unsuccessful Crusades to claim Phoenix, AZ for the Sabbat.

Personality-wise, Borreroak is very much the stereotypical Lasombra, prideful, superior, vicious and judgemental. He has nothing but disdain for those he considers weak and derives pleasure from manipulating them into further failures. Even so, he is fanatically loyal to his House, his Pack and to the Church of Caine (i.e., the Sabbat), in that order.


  • "My first initiate into the shadows, Borreroak embraced the darkness that I showed him without hesitation and has never wavered in his course. I expect greatness from him, and he will not disappoint me." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Time will tell if his dedication is unshakable. Until then, his Crucibles will be increasingly more difficult...I anticipate great failure, or great success. Mediocrity is not in his blood." - Vox Umbra
  • "I know what you said. I know what you've done. Leave him be. Your problem is with me, brother." - Unknown
  • "I don't like him, on the best of days. But despite what I may think, he is an upstanding and loyal Cainite, and all else be damned." - Malachi Salamanca
  • "I still remember the taste of his whip on my back. I hope I never forget." - Dorian Alvarez
  • "A brother, though at times more a father. Perhaps to bridge the chasm left by another." - Raven Tempestarii
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OOC Information

Player: Bryan Lee Briggs

Player Email:

Storyteller (DST): Sarah Himebaugh

Storyteller Email:

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Position: Pack Ductus
Domain: AZ-010-D Phoenix, AZ
Player: Bryan Lee Briggs- US2016010036
Storyteller (DST): Sarah Himebaugh