Brandrjlot Vogsson

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Brandrjlot Vogsson
Brandrjlot Vogsson, Ahroun Get of Fenris of Cincinnati


Get of Fenris


Rank and Renown

Rank 2
Glory 1 | Honor 1 | Wisdom 0
Glory 2 | Honor 0 | Wisdom 0
Battle Scar gained 2/24/2018 while killing a vampire
Battle Scar gained 4/6/2018 while killing minions of Gluttony

Sept and Pack

The Seven Hills of Blood, Cincinnati, OH

Known Associates

Bane Bane

Pack Members

Tear, Fenrir
Owen, Fianna
Marty, Ratkin

OOC Information

Tribe: Get of Fenris
Afilliation: Sanctum of Gaia, Garou Nation
Rank: 2
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Greg G
VST: Adam L

"Pain is proof it's working"

Notable Traits and Style

He usually wears either a T-shirt or flannel with the sleeves cut off and either jeans or shorts. He has a beard and is often dipping or chomping on a cigar. He has a massive, angry scar down his left side.


• Brandrjlot was born on October 30th 1984 in Cincinnati.
• He underwent his First Change October 16th 2001.
• He spent much of his adult life hunting Wyrm creatures throughout the city.
• He travelled around with his packmate Bane Bane for several years kicking
ass and taking names.
• Brand helped Bane Bane deal with a family issue a few years ago leading
Brand to his first stint in prison.
• Joined the Sept of the Seven Hills a couple months after it was formed.
• He is serving 5 years in Lebanon Correctional since 2015 for aggravated
assault. He is elidgible for parole in 2017.

Brandrjlot is a devoted, if a bit unhinged, fanatic of the Wyld. He grew up in Cincinnati after his parents (Dutch-Dominicans) immigrated from the Dominican Republic. He is a sadist, causing pain to anyone at his mercy.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

• He nearly kicked a guy to death after stunning him with a cattle prod.
• He is in prison, but is up for parole. The other guy instigated the incident in the grips of road rage.
• He likes to cause pain.
• He would probably be Adren by now if it wasn't for prison (and sadism).
• Killed 9 glutton spirit minions and injured 4 others in single Electroshock attack (ECRE).
• Incapacitated Bhictoria MacDougal, CEO of Pentex, as she attempted to flee an ambush in San Diego.
• He participated in the Quest to recover Fenrir Legend, Valka One-Eye.

Rumors & Quotes

• It wasn't a cattle prod Brandrjlot used on his victim
• "This kid is one tough SOB. The Strength of Thunder and the power of lightning courses in his veins like blood!" - Thorin
• "There is darkness in him. I like it." -Rødefingre
• "Brand is probably one of the most practical Garou I’ve met. He understands consequences. And that Ohms kill." - Smooth Operator
• " Brand is a potent warrior. Woe betide anyone who finds themselves his opponent on the battlefield." - Arbiter of Malice
• " He is like a boy waiting to be released from church. He would sooner run and fight than sit quietly meditating, but knows when to stay silent and learn." - Annika

Deed Name

Brandr, from the Old Norse for "Sword" or "Fire" and ljótr meaning "light".
Together they mean firelight, but as a weapon.

Created by: Greg G