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Brandy Alexander


"I'm no snacc, I'm the whole damn meal."

Thunder Thighs for GFT!
  • Name: Brandy Alexander
  • Deed Name: Stops Traffic (who's gonna correct her?)
  • Apparent Age: Mid-20s
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Build: Curvy af; Gothicc
  • Notable Traits: Versatile (Appearance & Charisma Focus), Soothing Presence

  • Tribe: Shadow Lord
  • Would-Be Auspice: Ragabash
  • Breed: Not if I can help it. I mean, homid.
  • Rank: Kinfolk
  • Pack: None
  • Location: Sept of the New Dawn, San Diego, CA
  • Employment: Owns the Crowbar, a garou-friendly bar near the sept
  • E-mail:


Brandy is Big Dick Energy in a plus size package.

The kin is all swagger and confidence, with a distinctly curvy physique and a high ponytail. She dresses in a distinctly goth fashion, often demonstrated in a t-shirt labeled "Gothicc" that seems to be her favorite. Other than that, she demonstrates little shame and a lot of confidence, fond of crop tops, short skirts, flashes of thigh, boots like whoa, and an immaculate understanding of cosmetology. Her hair dances between various colors of the rainbow on a whim, usually keeping with darker blues, greens and purples. Her nails and lips are usually deep black and unmistakably mischievous. There's a glint in her honey brown eyes that generally implies that you're the only thing that matters in her world, OR she's up to no good. (Social Focus: Appearance and Crafts 3: Cosmetology)

The kin's presence is intensely comforting. She has a knack for knowing the right thing to say and providing just the kind of company that's needed. A bit of a social chameleon, her default setting seems to be as brash, flirtatious and shameless as possible, happy to play the fool. However, in sensitive moments, she becomes quiet and supportive. When people need firing up, she'll talk mad shit. She seems to have a masterful sense of the tone of the moment, and how to adapt herself to best support the emotional needs of those around her. (Social Focus: Charisma, Soothing Presence, Empathy 6 and Subterfuge 5)

Common Knowledge

To Locals: Brandy recently opened a bar off of Black Mountain Road called the Crowbar. It seems to cater to all types, with a spoopy horror theme in the subtle decor. They have a small stage available for gigs and open mic nights, and a private area available for rentals. It's frequented by all walks of mid-range society, from bikers to bureaucrats. Most importantly? Wednesday night karaoke. Brandy herself tends to work the bar more often than not, and is already renowned for being the bartender that "knows a guy".

To the Sept: Brandy is dating Norna, a Shadow Lord Theurge, and is alleged to have an additional Shadow Lord partner who is out questing at the moment. She's settling down in San Diego for when her boyfriend finishes his work and decides to hang his hat. In just her first night at the sept, she demonstrated extensive influence over the city, as well as a knack for stealth, driving, providing random unexpected beverages and water ballooning.

To the Shadow Lords: Brandy often runs support for the Shadow Lords, happy to provide the bait for the standard bait and switch. Her long term partner is a Shadow Lord deeded Arcus, a Ragabash of the Children of Crow who holds a job as a trucker to get in and out of jobs without being noticed. Brandy is somewhat of a fanatic for the tribe, particularly stormcrows.

Yelp Reviews

You love me for everything you hate me for Rumors

  • Brandy will fuck LITERALLY anything.
  • The kin is polyamorous, or just terrible at hiding her cheating.
  • Brandy is secretly a nuwisha posing skillfully as a kinfolk to avoid detection.
  • Brandy and her boyfriend are actually hiding from their home sept in Riverside for an unspoken fuck up.
  • Stormcrow is actually Brandy's father.
  • Brandy has daddy issues.
  • The daddy issues are that Brandy's father literally named her after a drink, KNOWING her surname was Alexander.
  • Brandy was in a garage band in high school called Daddy Issues.
  • Brandy's actually a phenomenal singer, it just never comes up.
  • The kin once murdered a man.
  • Allergic to demons.
  • That's not her real name. That's her stripper name.
  • Huge on the internet.
  • Add your rumors here


  • "Well, you know, Shadow Lords have to do things (and people) the other tribes just aren't willing to do." - Brandy
  • "If you're thirsty, or thirsty, you know where to find me!" - Brandy
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OOC Information

Brandy Alexander

Tribe: Shadow Lord
Auspice: Ragabash kinda
Rank: Kinfolk
Location: Sept of the New Dawn (San Diego)
Player: Chrys Seward
Storyteller: Daniel Goode


  • Lizzo
  • Maria Brink from In This Moment
  • Panty Anarchy from Panty & Stocking With Garter Belt

Theme Songs:

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