Branimir Kucic

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Branimir Kucic
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Name:Branimir Kucic
Covenant:Ordo Dracul
Branch:Sworn of the Dying Light
Positions:Herald of the Pioneer Commonwealth
Councilor of the Pioneer Commonwealth
Respected citizen of the Pioneer Commonwealth
Kogaion of the Peaked Mountain
Twilight Judge of the Peaked Mountain
Grand Volhov of the temple of Veles

Pagan vampire of humble origins embraced in rural croatia during the Napoleonic Era. Branimir exemplifies the boldness of the dragons.
After his embrace and his apprenticeship in the Balkans, Branimir joined his brood sister in Massachusetts, discovered a Wyrm's Nest under peaked mountain and claimed it for himself.
Not unlike the nest, he claimed the title of Kogaion and Twilight Judge rather than waiting to be awarded such honors, and those Titles have so far never been challenged.
Nestled in the heart of Peaked Mountain, Branimir surrounded himself with a community of fellow pagan croats who revere him as Grand Volhov (Great Sorcerer)
He currently serves as the Herald of the Pioneer Commonwealth despite his territory, known simply as the mountain, being formally excluded by the commonwealth territory

Further Information

This information is not publicly available.

  • 1772: Branimir Kucic was born in a farm in the Island of Cres on the Kvarner Gulf
  • 1798: Branimir, after the death of his father became the leader of the Cres rural community
  • 1809: Napoleon grande armee raids the island for provision, after successfully repelling the Napoleonic army, imoressed, Branimir sire embraces him
  • 1810: Branimir leaves Cres and travels through the Balkans learning from various teachers of the Ordo Dracul
  • 1829: Branimir throws his support behind the Illyrian Movement
  • 1849: As Croatia gets further under the yoke of Hungary, Branimir accepts the invitation of his Broodmate Collette Durand in America
  • 1851: Branimir finds a Wyrm's Nest under Peaked Mountain. He claims the mountain as his territory
  • 1855: Branimir closes the mountain to the citizens of the commonwealth and declares it independent from the pioneer valley
  • 1920: Branimir returns to the now Commonwealth of the Pioneer Valley and supports the election of Director Finney
  • 1992: During the Pioneer War, the Invictus approaches the mountain with an alliance proposal. The proposal is rejected and the emmissaries killed by Branimir.
  • 2012: Branimir develops a countermeasure to the contamination of tap water
  • 2018: Branimir is named Herald of the commonwealth

  • "Insert your quote here" - Your name
  • "He is particularly good at counting." - Collette
  • "Mountains ain't easy to move, and a rockslide has killed more than a few" - Abraham Eklund

Notable Traits

  • Air of Menace 5

Known associates

  • WIP

Out of Character
  • Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf
  • Albert Wesker
  • Orochimaru
  • Dracula (Castlevania)

Theme Song

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Domain: Western Massachusetts
Player: Simone Tanzi (US2017090038)
VST: Sundered Lands requiem VST