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Bravo Delta Bravo

Tribe: Glasswalkers
Auspice: Theurge
Society: Cyber Dogs
Sept: Sept of Gathering Tides
Player: Nate Thurston
Apoc Storyteller: Virtual VST
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico (Virtual)



Bravo was born of the forbidden union of two Garou, and like all metis of the Werewolve, was cursed for it.

From the moment he emerged, bloody, from his mother, he was a deformed, broken, and pathetic thing. Surely he would have died, left to his own devices. But his father took pity on his son, and entreated a Theurge of the Glass Walkers.

With the help of the Theurge, Bravo was given therapies and assistance, allowing his tiny body to cling to life, and grow. The skills of the Cyber Dogs were used to ensure that Bravo could survive, and find a place in the Nation. His bones were reinforced with metal, his skin armored, and his mind augmented. Where previously he had been feeble and sickly, he is now, with the weavers blessing, able to carry on.

Bravo now carries on the mantle of Theurge and wholly embraces his place in the Cyber Dogs. He is an extremely adept maker of cybernetics and prosthesis, and uses those skills for the benefit of his tribe and others. He quests now to become a skilled fetish maker and marry the two crafts to form grand cyber-fetishes of power.

History: Timeline

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Allies, Associates, and Enemies


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  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name