Brayden Coppertree

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Brayden Coppertree, Steadfast

Details: Homid Kojubat Gurahl, (Galliard, Adren)

Notable Traits: Healer, Defender

Pack: High Water

Society: Fera


Before the change, Brayden was in the military after dropping out of high school. He spent several years as an army medic, but never seemed to find a place for himself.

He changed on a hike through the woods where he was attacked by a feral animal. After that, he was something of a lost cub for a few months, but he was found by another of the Gurahl tribes, a kinfolk. He was taken to other Gurahl for training, and was a student for several years before being released, and finding a life of his own.

He spent several years in the area around Richmond until approached by a kitsune who would eventually invite him to a pack, and serve as the pack leader of Pack High Water. With them, he has undertaken several dangerous quests and missions to aid the forces of Gaia.

Since March 2017

He has since settled near-ish to Richmond, VA, and has met with the local Garou and Fera. He and Pack High Water lived in the area for several months, defending the sept, and reclaiming Broken Lands from the forces of the Wyrm.

He and his pack moved to the Sept of the Found in the New River Valley, helping to defend the Sept during the Eclipse. He's a member of the sept there in the New River Valley, and seems to have made his home nearby. He brought a kinfolk with him to the large moot held after the eclipse.


  • Does he intend to replace that tombstone he threw in the graveyard? [He bought them a new one anonymously, after finding out that there was a police report about his unfortunate vandalism.]

OOC Information

Player: Matt K

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Storyteller: Latisha L

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Location: Blacksburg, VA