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General Information

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Name: Braylon Lawson
Deed Name: HardKnocks
Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Pack: The Adopted

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)
  • Scars of a bite on his right calf
  • Scars of a beak taking up most of his chest



Braylon was a lost cub, he is still learning and changing.

His right of passage was to find and hunt down a stag spirit and present it to the master of challenge and rites master, the spirit needed to be brought without being sent back to its original state. Coming b sack with antler wounds in his side, he was dubbed Hardknocks as he was learning the hard way how to become a silver fang and a garou.



"He's a brash young thing, but there ain't nothin' wrong with that. His desire to improve himself, his longing for family- these things I have seen save the lives of many, many times. There is hope for the Silver Fangs yet." - Tills the Wyrm

"Though young, this one is aimed for great things. I will keep my eye on him" -Waits Like Thunder

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Braylon has an interesting tactic that is used to gain entry into homes to kill fomori who have infected rural areas, this is through a method called Elder Pricing it.

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