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Name: Bree Fannon
Rank: Cliath
Deed Name: Fionn's Fire
Age: 29
Current Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Pack: Briar Pack




Apoc PC

Player: Alex Bonecutter
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Fianna
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: San Antonio, TX
VST: Michael "MJ" Jackson
IC Email: Bree Fannon


Character Information



Homid Form: Bree Finnegan could easily be confused for a punk rocker in her every day garb. She stands roughly 5 ft tall, with blazing red hair and pale ivory skin that is characteristic of her strong Irish heritage. She can often be found wearing a flannel shirt unbuttoned with a tank top underneath with ripped jeans and black high heels. Her pale complexion and ivory skin is juxtaposed with her bright green eyes and darker eye makeup. During her work hours when she isn't found at the bakery, Bree can be found wearing a traditional chef's jacket with dark pants and boots.

Crinos Form: Bree makes use of her Crinos form with astonishing regularity for a Theurge. Capable of a growing to over 30 feet in height, Bree's Crinos form exhibits the strong reddish hues of the Fianna tribe.

Lupus Form: As with most Fianna, Bree's Lupus form shares the Fannon and Finnegan's reddish coloration, but she is must slighter than her elder brother Matthew in frame.



Bree Finnegan's gruff attitude often is masked by her girlish looks. At almost 30, Bree continues to latch onto the fashions and behaviors of her youth that she developed as a child often fending for herself. She is independent, strong, and loyal to her new found family in the Fannons. She sees the Fannons as a chance for her to start over and experience a strong family dynamic rooted deeply in South Texas and Garou society. In spite of Bree's likeness to her mother's visage, she cannot help but exhibit the behavioral traits of her father, Amos Fannon. Quick witted and often willing to press her authority over other males in the family, Bree and Mama Fannon share a kindred spirit in their gentle but overwhelming influence over the Fannon men.


  • , Thing Happened
  • 10-15-1987, Bree Finnegan is born to Delilah Finnegan in Austin, TX
  • 1987-1998, Bree travels with her mother's dance troup and is predominately raised by the cook who travels with the group
  • February 24th, 1998, Bree experiences her first change outside of Salt Lake City
  • May, 1998, Bree suspects her mother is associating with known Black Spiral Dancers. Bree fearing for her safety makes plans to travel to Ireland to the home of her ancestors to find a proper teacher.
  • 1998-2008, Bree’s instruction continues and her ascension to the rank of Cliath is complete within the Nation,but her mentor, Spirit’s Tongue, cannot seem to shake Bree’s obsession with her culinary skills. Eventually, Bree returns to the US to be enrolled in a culinary school in Houston, TX.
  • 2005, During a particularly bloody battle at Silver Tara, Bree uses her skills to convince spirits of flame to aid her in battle. Wielding nothing but a knife,Bree and her spiritual aids decimate an entire squadron of Black Spiral Dancers, leaving their bodies as indistinguishable charred remains. The Talespinner of Silver Tara dubs her “Fionn’s Fire”.
  • June, 2009, Bree graduates at the top of her class from culinary school.It is during this time that Bree decides to take a break from Garou society, as inner turmoil threatens to rock the foundations of the Nation.
  • 2009-May, 2017, Bree continues to evade notice of other Garou and suspicious mortals in Houston, TX while she pursues her culinary career. Bree eventually rises to the rank of sous chef at the tender age of 26. She continues to operate as a sous chef for her restaurant until she is visited by a spirit of Raccoon. This spirit tells Bree of a family of Fianna that are related to her through her older brother
  • June, 2017, Bree arrives in San Antonio in search of her brother.
  • July 2017, Bree joins Briar Pack

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  • She's been through Hell and came out an Angel. You didn't break her darling you don't own that kind of power- BMM poetry
  • Be humble but let Motherfuckers know
  • Go ahead, underestimate me


  • No one really knows about Bree's past but are there are whispers of her mother being connected to the BSD
  • Her newly opened restaurant claims to have the best cannoli in San Antonio
  • (insert rumor)


  • "She may be a sweet woman at the bakery, but in her heart lives a shield maiden. I am teased as to our potential relations, but I am proud to call her family by choice, regardless of the circumstances." - Sylvi Anker
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