Bremen Corbis

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Bremen Corbis

Notable Traits: Curious, distracted, disheveled,

Type: Mortal

Character Type Subgroup: N/A completely non-supernatural human

Origin: Core - Multitude - Educated Professional

Union: Explorer's Union

Ship: Last Horizon


Bremen is an unassuming individual, typically slightly disheveled and somewhat distracted. He dresses to utility and not particularly for fashion. He is typically either taking samples or in contact with Conscious, the AI of his ship Lost Horizon. He enjoys being emerged in projects or moving to the next discovery. His passion is to help establish colonies and finding unique solutions to utilize the planetary natural environment rather than complete terraforming.

Born in 4062 on Lymuria, his parents were loving people and instilled a love for the land and green things. He was a bright little tike and enjoyed getting into many things often times dissembling equipment to figure out how it works. During school years, he was quite an attentive student and was recognized for his intellect. His family made sacrifices to ensure Bremen went to the best schools until he was able to qualify for sponsorship.

In 4077, Bremen was transferred to a university on Myu and eventually became a professor there. His specialty was environmental manipulations in harsh climates such as arid or tropical biomes with minimal impact to the ecosystem. His aptitude gained the attention of OM consolidated where he helped specialized teams establish mining colonies on potential resource rich planets. He was successful in creating thriving colonies in extreme environments though it was a slow process and his projects were not as rapid turn over as his superiors would like. Disaster struck in rapid succession for his teams each meeting a horrific fate (one an explosion destroying the material, failure to thrive, and the last with a colony of 40 perishing from a mysterious sickness that caused excruciating). Some within the company speculated that he manufactured this bioweapon.

After these tragedies in 4093, Bremen used all his savings and constructed Conscious (an AI) and made Last Horizon from a hollowed out Asteroid enervating it Conscious' sensors and machinery. He joined the Explorer's Union and left the core and his failures behind.

Lost Horizon

AI: Conscious

  • Enjoys exploring, experiencing, and learning.
  • Always interested in new technologies and upgrades
  • Manages the multiple biomes and storage on Lost Horizon
  • Systems expert and navigator
Lost Horizon

Ship: Lost Horizon

  • Primarily a freighter
  • Services as a survey science vessel
  • Most of the luxury is high end computers and sensory equipment
  • Extensive Science lab on board
  • Multiple biome containment cargo cells through out the ship
  • Cargo shuttle and one shuttle bay open


  • Bremen conducted multiple illegal experiments in the Core and lead to at least three initial colony failures.
  • Bremen is completely insane and has an asteroid ship filled with horrors he has collected from the cosmos.
  • Bremen is most at peace floating through empty space accompanied by his AI and gathered flora and fauna.
  • Bremen is completely docile and innocuous individual who has been intentionally villianized by the 'man' or insert any megacorp here
  • More rumors are always welcome.


  • Friends are welcome here.


  • Newt Scamander - Because even monsters and megaplants need friends too (They are just misunderstood)
  • HAL 9000 - Not really inspiration of Bremen but his friend AI (AI needs friends too even murderous ones)
  • Deep Thought - Because who wouldn't want to know the meaning of life and everything (42)

OOC Information

Player: Justin Merrell

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kristen Brittenham

Storyteller Email:>

Location: Semi Limbo - Wanderer - Currently Phoenix