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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat

Notable Traits: Brevalaer has an odd sort of French accent to his English due to his upbringing in the Breton language. His Breton Fianna heritage is a double-edged sword for him as a Kinfolk. Although it affords him certain advantages and prestige among Kinfolk and Garou society, the degree to which his Garou heritage manifests in him despite never having changed him is a serious handicap for him in human society. His "breeding" shows through for better or worse...

  • clear descent from heroes of the Breton Fianna (unidentified Heroic Lineage, as he only has one form)
  • athletic build and well featured (high Physical & Athletics Skill, Dexterity Focus; high Social, Appearance Focus)
  • unusually intimidating to humans when he wishes (Predator's Glare)
  • smells like the wolf he's never become (Animal Musk)
  • gets seriously hangry if he can't hunt, even out of season (Wild Hunter)

Pack: No pack

Society: No society

Sept: Sept of the Willow; formerly from the protectorate of the Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea (Brittany, France)

Arms of Brittany


Selected Timeline Highlights

The following timeline elements include selections from events in France approved by DPOTM (2017-03-WtA-3603-016).

  • Carnac, Brittany, France (05/1991): Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk) was born to an ancient Breton Fianna community associated with the nearby Sept de Pierres Debout près de la Mer (Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea; mainly Fianna).
  • Carnac, Brittany, France (01/2008): The caern at the Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea (mainly Fianna) contracted the Gnostic Plague and began to weaken. Wyrm forces began to scout the area near Carnac, leading to the first encounters between the surrounding Kinfolk community (including Fianna Kinfolk Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat) and minor minions of the Wyrm.
  • Carnac, Brittany, France (01/2008 - 03/2009): Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk) managed to learn more about Pentex and the Fomori as the "need to know" expanded to the Kinfolk community, who were increasingly needed for defense of the Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea (mainly Fianna).
  • Brittany, France (03/2009): The weakened Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea (mainly Fianna) fell to the siege forces of the Dark Brigade. Casualties were heavy for both Garou and Kinfolk of the area. The integrity of the surviving Kinfolk community was shattered. Among the grieving survivors was Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk).
  • Carnac, Brittany, France (04/2009 - 05/2015): In the absence of the traditional Garou leadership, Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk) becomes a de facto leader of Kinfolk resistance to encroachment of the Wyrm's forces on the territory formerly protected by the Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea.
  • Carnac, Brittany, France (05/2015): The immediate family of Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk)--his parents, older brother, older sister, and young niece and nephew--were killed in defense of the Carnac area from new groups of Fomori entering the area.
  • France (05/2015 - 07/2016): Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat (Fianna Kinfolk) lived in relative anonymity.
  • Bloomington, Indiana, USA (8/2016): Brevalaer began studies at Indiana University in Bloomington.
  • First Spire, Arcadia Gateway, Deep Umbra (6/22/2018): Brevalaer, having been adopted the ninth son of Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn, married Siobhán Ní Chorráin of the Sidhe to secure an alliance for the Fianna and the Garou Nation as a whole.

Biographical Narrative

Arms of Carnac

Brevalaer was born in Carnac on the north shore of Quiberon Bay in Brittany in May of 1991. The Silver Record recounts that that area was inhabited by the Fianna and their Kinfolk since at least the ancient era of the Veneti of Gaul (known by the Romans as southwestern Armorica). According to his own kin's claim, they've inhabited the area ever since the Neolithic erection of the Carnac Stones, which are said to have been raised by the earliest Fianna of that area (and their Kinfolk). Although overshadowed by the much more famous Irish Fianna in the modern era, the blood of Fionn ran thick in those more isolated Fianna Kinfolk of Brittany for thousands of years. Until the Apocalypse shed it alongside that of so many others.

His home community of Kinfolk were tied to the mainly Fianna Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea in Brittany. That sept's caern was weakened by the Gnostic Plague in 2008, but held into the following year. Then the Dark Brigade assaulted the weakened community of Garou and supporting Kinfolk in 2009, and the sept fell. By the time High King Albrecht rallied the Garou Nation in 2009, the former Sept of Standing Stones by the Sea had suffered extensive losses of both Garou and Kinfolk. The Garou answered the call to arms, leaving the Kinfolk behind to find their own place in the world without their Garou relatives and their sept to support them. Brevalaer remained in Carnac as a de facto leader among the local Kinfolk for several years.

Then in May of 2015, his immediate family--his parents, older brother, older sister, and young niece and nephew--were killed in defense of the Carnac area from new groups of Fomori entering the area. He left Carnac soon after, dropping off the grid for over a year.

Brevalaer's line had always been strong, giving the Nation hundreds of Garou over the centuries. Two of Brevalaer's grandparents were Fianna Garou of that area, as were several of his cousins. But few of his Garou relatives, if any at all, survived the Apocalypse. He's still working to find the fate of those missing in action. Until he finds a survivor of his line who is worthier than he, he carries the ancient fetish bow Nightlancer, an heirloom of his lineage.

Meanwhile, he continues the work his kin trained him for. He is dedicated to researching, recording, and finding the lineages of the Fianna, as well as serving as a living record of other lores important to his tribe and the Garou Nation. Given how many Garou died just a few years ago, he takes that sacred trust very seriously, and even at his age, he's come to know more than many Kinfolk ever get the opportunity to learn.

In a move uncharacteristic of his line, Brevalaer left his homeland in late summer of 2016 and relocated to the American Midwest, where he began studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. He has since become somewhat reclusive, given the local climate of disunited Garou without a local sept, though he has made efforts to become integrated with the Kinfolk in the area.

In June 2018, Brevalaer, now the adopted ninth son of Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn, married Siobhán Ní Chorráin of the Sidhe, which secured an alliance with the Seelie Court of the fae.

Kith & Kin

Tales and Songs


  • Brevalaer is discontent for more reasons than his peculiar diet.
  • As a child and young man, he studied the secrets of his tribe under the guidance of Aiden D'Arcy.
  • He can be quite the dashing and artistic man, but his black moods and abrasive behavior can make him a pain to deal with at times.
  • Someone tried to make him Bitten once, but he bit them first... hard. So they gave up the attempt. Or was it that he bit their head off for trying?
  • Brevalaer shows too much of the wolf to be anything but a risk to the Veil.
  • He knows way too much for a Kinfolk--he's a liability to the security of the Garou Nation's secrets.
  • He's such an accomplished hunter he's even hunted to bring food to wolves, and provided fresh meat to a new wolf mother.
  • He's a good source for pelts, and not bad at carving wood and bone.
  • Brevalaer has made an enemy of Ragnar Thorsson "Valhalla's Mercy", who named Brevalaer persona non grata for offering aid to the Oak Vale Sept. It's unclear what Valhalla's Mercy called lies: tales told about Ragnar and his sept or the tales Brevalaer used to defend Kinfolk in general. In any case, a Fenrir Athro is a bad enemy to have. Coincidentally (?), Valhalla's Mercy was murdered shortly after their verbal clash on the Tapestry...
  • Brevalaer drives a beat-up old used Fiat.
  • In January 2018, he made a very brief visit to Silver Tara, some say as brief as a single night. But what did he do there? Was it a one night stand? A booty call?
  • As part of preparing himself for a marriage alliance with the fae, he mastered the ancient art of bronzesmithing and crafted his own masterful wedding armor. Before then, he had known nothing of that craft.
  • He made an appearance on Radio Free Gaia a few days before his wedding to Siobhán Ní Chorráin.
  • During his bachelor party, Brevalaer and Smooth Operator hugged and cried together for hours.
  • Rumor here.


By Brevalaer

  • "I was born under the gibbous moon. I do not know what that says of the value or worthlessness of my words. But I am not Garou, so it doesn't matter."
  • "Our competence and mettle have been tested. We should not be kept in a gilded cage to be harvested for our genes as some have advocated. We are their sons and daughters and their future, but also their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, and the foundation upon which all else is built."
  • "There must always be time for tales, for there must be tales for all time."
  • "Hatred held firm is a cold blade forged against one's own heart. Such weapons call to us most, but we must use them least."
  • "Love is absolutely pain, just as mead is poison."
  • ""A victory not assured must be won. That is the pattern."

About Brevalaer

  • "You shame the leadership of the Sept of the Willow by speaking ill of their decisions. Not all decisions made by the Auspice Council, Alpha and Den Mother may be clear to the Kinfolk, and it is not your place to question in any case." - Twist-Eye the Foolish, Fostern Fianna Ragabash
  • "He is dedicated to his work but I think he is lonely. If he was close I would make sure I hugged him once a week." - Annika Freida Gerber
  • "A ghost from the past, a friend from better times even if I didn't recognize them as better than my future at the time. He's lost a lot since we last spoke, I think. I only hope he might become less haunted as he moves forward." - Madison Walsh
  • "Brilliantly insightful and dedicated to doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. He has already accomplished much, but I have no doubt he will accomplish more in the future." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "Brevalaer is well.... he's an odd duck. I met him for the first time in Puerto Rico. Seems amiable enough, though his dietary restrictions are unusual. He was keen on helping the other kin on our prolonged mission to combat Pentex but a few things don't ad up. He claims to have detailed knowledge of the mogul but had never heard of either Endron or Dynatron. Like I said odd duck, we'll see how this goes." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Brevalaer is as dangerous as he is comforting; like meeting a stranger and seeing an old familiar companion at the same time. I knew from the moment I met him, we had much to learn from each other. I only hope that I see him more often, as I transition more into the Fianna tribe." - Sylvi Anker Fannon
  • "I shouldn't mock him, I know, but he makes it so easy. I suppose we're destined to be rivals then, aren't we?" - 'Spector
  • "When he told me why he was angry , I began to understand the Fianna passion. It is addictive , this bonfire - inevitable to burn and destroying all in its path. Sometimes , to light yourself , just to feel warmth. ." - 'Sylvi Anker Fannon
  • “Dedicated. Willing to do more than most for the Tribe and the Nation. We’re damn lucky he’s with us.” - Spins Silver
  • “A complicated man to be sure. He is welcome with me always.” - Rose Marie Davis
  • “Electricity can be unpredictable. Just as much as it can be channeled and controlled, it is still wild and dangerous. We had a few moments, unexpected moments, where we both were zapped by it: that life-changing spark. I think we are both forever changed.” - Smooth Operator
  • "It was a pleasure to guard his bride. Seeing him enter like a hero of legend was a memory I will enjoy. After such a tumultuous beginning to see him sweep Princes Siobhan off her feet gave me hope for both of them." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "He is a friend, and one I trust with my life. I watched him at the wedding and made sure we had his back at anytime he needed the help. I hope this new chapter in his life gives him what he seeks." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Brev, and I have an interesting relationship. As an Elder of the Nation I am used to asking and being told anything and everything. Brevalear doesn't feel obligated to give me such. Now that I stand as his adopted Father following the fall of our late Ard Righ, I can only hope we can see eye to eye, more often than not. He's a good lad, just unsettled and with more than a touch of our Tribe's Sadness." - Fergus mac Elrath, Elder Theurge of the Fianna
  • "He continues to be tested in his life as time goes on, and take on more than any one man should have to wear as a burden upon his shoulders. And yet his strength does not falter. I am happy to have known him in better times, and happier still to continue calling him my friend." - Madison Walsh
  • "Brevalaer has a way of growing on you like moss on a rock. At first I found him irritating, but the more time I spent with him, the more aware I became that I was turning to stone." - 'Spector
  • "I had a good plan, I had a solid plan, then Brevalaer happened." - Thyra Laskaris-Archer

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OOC Information

Character Ties

I've set up Brevalaer to be conducive to several types of ties:

  • Did you visit the Sept de Pierres Debout près de la Mer in Brittany before 2009, while Brevalaer was still young?
  • Was your Fianna PC a distant prospect from another sept for an arranged marriage with Brevalaer that never happened? Was he a rival for a marriage that did happen?
  • Is/Was your PC a Lost Cub or Kinfolk that Brevalaer located with his genealogy research? (especially good for Fianna; VSTs: feel free to reach out for help bringing in new PCs)
  • After the Rite of Still Skies, did your PC ever aid the surviving community of Kinfolk from the Sept de Pierres Debout près de la Mer in Brittany?
  • Is your PC another survivor/diaspora of the Sept de Pierres Debout près de la Mer in Brittany?

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Player: John S., US2002023603

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Storyteller: DST IN-013-D

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Location: Bloomington, IN

User:John S. US2002023603

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