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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jack D'Nwayr, better known as "Briar Jack"

Other known Deed Names/Aliases: "Whiskey Jack" and "Briar Roads"

Notable Traits: Kind of a wise-ass (what Nuwisha isn't?) Claims a reputation as a monkey-wrencher, probably going too far most of the time if the stories he tells are 100% true (what stories from a Nuwisha are?) Usually carrying a bag of dangerous tricks, including a toy gun that has been specially "modded". Usually seen wearing a shirt with the quote "Love is Merely a Madness" and a bracelet declaring he "Solemnly Swears (he is) Up to No Good".

Pack: Not currently affiliated with any packs

Society: Fera

Sept: Local to the Sept of the Buffalograss, but not a member.


A monkey wrenching Nuwisha, raised in the South around New Orleans before going through his first change and embarking on a mission of chaos and destruction. He's currently settling in around the Sept of the Buffalo Grass, near enough to his father Riley that he can visit occasionally without becoming fed up with each other as Nuwisha are prone too.


  • Claims to have once killed a Pentex employee with a venomous snake hidden inside a Pringles can. ("Literal Snake in a Can")
  • Claims to have disposed of a Pentex employee by trapping them in a storage unit and filling it with concrete. ("The Chevy Amontillado")
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Tales of Briar Jack

OOC Information

Player: Darin Strouts

Player Email:

Storyteller: Chris Beck

Storyteller Email:

Location: Manhattan, KS