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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Deed Name:Smiles With Teeth)
Notable Traits:Exploring. Nose Ring. Taking selfies.
Pack:Stone Heart
Sept:Austin, TX
OOC Information
Player:Holli Hensley US20002034112
Storyteller:John Pool
VST Apocalypse
Location:Austin, TX


She has long strawberry blonde hair. Nose ring. Punk clothing. Carries an over the shoulder messenger bag with a skull on it. Dark makeup.


Connections and Accomplices

Public Timeline

  • Birth
  • Mom died
  • Counts the Dead found me
  • Josiah became my second dad
  • Found Wanders the Dark
  • Totes skipped out on the fam to go check out this new Sept
  • Wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing. Totes found myself joining a Sept... and the Nation? Wtf?
  • Met my bff, soul mate, Plays with Fire
  • Almost got killed because the Sept Leader was all, "hey go into the dangerous city, just you and Plays... no backup." We got jumped and nearly died.
  • Fuck that Sept. Bye Bat.
  • Other important stuff


  • Rumor me!


  • "Though she was initially shy, she has warmed up quite a bit. As she develops more confidence, I suspect she'll be a force of nature." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "The chaos that follows in her wake breeds a divine level of creativity. She is a constant reminder of my purpose." - Josiah
  • "She is my sister and I her brother, you look confused. I will not explain it again." - Wanders the Dark
  • "When I look at Smiles, I can't help but want to ask her if she wants to come with me to do hood-rat shit. But, to be fair, she's proven to be pretty great at hood-rat shit. I'd put her on my team every time." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "When the Ragabash Council gets together, you know she's at the center of the shenanigans!." - Choden
  • "Her and I can get into lots of fun together. Even if her and Play's have more." - Jake
  • "We get shit done, maybe if she and Plays had made the plan, I wouldn't be lost." - Aria
  • "Quote me." - your name