Bright Tide Dawning

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Bright Tide Dawning

Notable Traits: Bookish, Irritable, Curious

Pack: None

Society: Unaligned (Fera)

Sept: Sept of the Reach

Sept Position: Guardian


So, um, what did you want to hear? What's that, a biography? Like, for a book? No way, man, you're nuts, there's no way I'd...oh. Oh, OK, I get it. Well, sure, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't go into full detail on some of this. I'll do what I can. You're gonna have to suffer through my third-person narrative, though. What? Tough shit, bro, you want this or not? Thought so. Now pay attention, this won't take long.
So, beginnings. Let's start like this: Bright Tide Dawning was born a poor kid somewhere between San Diego, California and the US border with Mexico. In a somewhat hackneyed story of "poor kid does good," he managed to get an academic scholarship to the University of California, Santa Barbara and got both Bachelor's and Master's degrees there in multiple scientific fields. He also managed to pull a Minor in Polynesian Studies, but that was likely just to pad his General Electives. Well, at first, anyway.
So, after school is done, the kid who would become Bright Tide Dawning has his First Change. He doesn't talk about it, which is hardly surprising to any homid-born shifter who went through the Change without any idea of what they were, or any support structure in place. Nothing. Just...never mind. Moving on. Soon after, he was taken under the wing (fin, whatever) of another homid-born guy like himself who taught the kid about the new world he lived in, and his place in it. He learned to sing, learned to fight, learned to...move. Found new friends. He was also instilled with a healthy...distrust...of his squamous-born kin, new edict or not. This didn't keep him from taking two years to roam the Sea, learning more about it than he ever thought possible from just crunching numbers atop research vessels. But, it certainly kept him really, really cautious.
After he returned from his swim, Bright Tide Dawning remained with his tutor and friend, and did his part to keep the Sea safe by using a combination of science and his gift with his new friends. What? More specific on the friends? Imaginary friends, how about that? Stop interrupting. Anyway, during these years, he achieved more respect in the eyes of these friends as well as his kin, and also learned that he had a half-sister. Oh, and that his dad was alive, and might not be a deadbeat. No, that's private, get bent.
So, after all of this, the kid, or man at this point, really, gets a new gig with an ocean-preservation and conservation firm, but they're located up in Seattle. So, hell, why not spread the good work? Not like it's far, with how he moves, and he saves cash on air fare. Anyway, the man moves to Seattle, and travels back to California often to meet up with his tutor and hang out. 'Cept, one time he goes down there, he learns that his friend and mentor got killed by...well, by horrible shit. The man goes apeshit, takes his vengeance. Even joined up with some of the squamous to do it, though he got the hell out of there after it was done. Went back to Seattle, and hasn't gone back since.
So, anyway, the man learns from some of his kin up here in the Pacific Northwest that the hairy folks got something big going down, and will need help. They've had a rough time of it up here, from what the imaginary friends tell him, and the...politics...of the world have softened up quite a bit. So, the man figures that maybe making friends with some cousins on land isn't such a bad idea. Besides, once this war is over and done with...ok, fair, if this war is ever over and done with, who's to say that his finned kin won't put him back on the menu? More friends means more opportunities to not end up dead, from the front or from the back. Besides, the guy figures that the fur-kids might have some really interesting stories to sing about, and lots of important things to learn. And, you know, that whole "saving the planet" thing.
That's kind of his bag.


  • Bright Tide Dawning is planning to defect to the Garou Nation and leave his Rokea kin behind.
  • That's bullshit, he's a mole looking to leech information from the Garou and secret them back to his Rokea kin.
  • You're both wrong. I hear that he's not homid-born at all, and is actually a forward scout for a Tainted Consumption slew.
  • Absolute horseshit. He's sworn to the Weaver, and is looking at spreading more of its webs to the Sea.
  • Is marrying a Selkie


  • "I really wished he lived with us here in Puerto Rico. I just don't get to spend enough time with him at all. If only things had been different." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Bright Tide is a study of contrasts for me concerning the Rokea. He's a lot easier to be around as compared to Swims the Shallows. I suppose it has to do with being human born. There are times I could almost forget he's a swimming nightmare of death... almost." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Yeah, I don't have that feeling at all, Cat. More 'grounded' sure. Any less predatory? Not really." - Collyn Laskaris
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OOC Information

Player: Greg Berry

Player Email:

Storyteller: P. Brewer

Storyteller Email:

Location: Seattle, WA