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A Purebred Racing Corgi, belonged to Cornelia Mowebary
Passed to Karma after the events of the 2018 Brujah Rant in Chicago


A golden brown and white corgi, Brioche is a constant companion to her Mistress. With a friendly temperment and somewhat chubby little body, she remains fond of meeting new people and treats.

Brioche won the pan-region all clan Corgi race in 2015, but was unseated in 2016 by an upstart champion. Nonetheless, she remains the beloved pet of an elder Ventrue. Recently she gave birth to eight puppies, some of which Cornelia has given as gifts.

Racing Corgis resemble the Cardigan breed more so than the more modern Pembrook, and for those interested in the sport, their descent comes from the former not the latter. Nonetheless they have the naturally docked tails of a Pembrook, giving them the admired wriggle-loaf shape.

Brioche is known for being very fond of treats, but responds poorly to path bound kindred. She will happily share her feelings with anyone with Animalism, and like most corgi is fairly communicative.


Dauntless (champion 1993) - Carol
Peter - Bonne (champion 1999, 2000, 2003)
Brioche (champion 2015) - Hermes (champion 2016)

  • Acolyte(m) - belonging to Prince Saharat
  • Innocence(f) - belonging to Prince Alfaras
  • Waffles(f) - belonging to Prince Amyntas
  • (m)
  • Vashti(f) belonging to Dr. David Archer
  • (f)
  • (m)
  • (m)


  • "Ah, fuck. Give me back my shoe!" - Simon Walker
  • ”Come here you little angel - come see what grandpapa has brought you this time!” -Rumored to be Desmond Aldred
  • "*high pitched squeal that breaks glass* SO CUTE!" Karma
  • "Anything you can kick over a white picket fence isn't worthy of being called a dog... but considering that thing's lineage, I'd prefer to keep my leg attached to my pelvis, thank you very much." -Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Ahhhhh, ma petite! Viens ici! Je dois te faire un câlin!" Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Elder Prince Mowebury, you know I cannot remain angry at your dog... but can we discuss what she did to my $2,500 loafers?" Prince Rikard Bouwman
  • "I was not certain when I laid eyes upon the creature, what to make of him. There is something to his eyes. I believe he knows and has seen much in his life, what, I do not know. What I do know is I have seen both Anarch and members of the Ivory Tower try to explain their way of life to this creature, as if it had a stake in their welfare. Perhaps he does.... " -- Prince Aysel J. Scott
  • "Who is a cutie patootie? I suspect you are! Who is the cutest doggie? All evidence points to you! Good puppy." Dr. David Archer
  • "quotey quote" name


  • Bork, bork, bork.
  • Is actually a shapeshifter.
  • Brioche is not a dog, it's a sabbat infiltrator that never knew how much it liked tummy rubs and bacon snacks. This is the path to defeating the Sword of Caine
  • This... thing is the actual Scourge of Montreal.
  • Brioche is well trained in animalism and dominate. You do not tell her she is a good girl... she tells you.
  • Brioche is the creator of the Ahrimines bloodline. Come at her, and you will believe a doggy can do Thaum.
  • Aroof Roof Governor Marley! Wuff!