Broken Promise

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Vasya2.jpg"Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape."
Names: Vasya, Deeded "Broken Promise"
Tribe: Silver Fang
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Fostern

Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Notable Features: Write those here.
Description: Write that here too



  • 1908- No one is certain when Vasya was actually born, though many remember the first time they came across him. At the Tunguska Event. His role in the event was relegated to being a Scout and running communications for the Silver Fangs present. While he performed well, the battle left him scarred after a narrow escape.
  • 1914-1918- The Great War, he first participated as a protector of Silver Fang held holdings and land. However this quickly escalated to him operating as a spy in assisting his homeland. Though he easily survived the war, after its conclusion he was never quite the same.
  • 1920-1939- Withdraws from the Nation and the world. Taking up a female Lupus Mate, he lives near the Ural Mountains. Though she produces pups during this period. None change, at the age of 13 his mate dies. He moves on and begins to wander around Europe and the Middle East.
  • 1939-1945-At the start of WWII, he enters the war more proactively. Having become a much more adept spy, he gains impressive amounts of intelligence and scouting reports for the ally powers. Though he primarly operates as a Russian Operatve, he spends a great deal of time in France and England. With the bombing of Japan to end the War, he realizes how potentially dangerous the Humans have become, and sets out to learn more about them and their ways.
  • 1945-1975- Spends a great deal of time traveling and learning everything he can about the humans. During this he looks for survivors of the Nation and displaced Kinfolk. In that thirty years he limits further involvement in human conflicts, now a fostern he petitions his Master of challenge for the Rank of Adren. The attempt scorned by a Ragabash, who tears him down for his failure to protect holdings in the Great War.
  • 1975-1985- Sent as an emissary to Africa to parlay with Black Tooth and see if an accord can be reached. Upon arrival he is captured by the Ajaba, taken prisoner he is treated poorly and kept as a prisoner for 2 years. After the years in captivity he begins to understand the situation and offers his aid to the Ajaba. He acts as an expendable scout, and help protect the remaining Ajaba from the genocide being perpetrated by Black Tooth. They accept, and he begins to organize skirmishes and evasion tactics to allow the Ajaba success in limited numbers. He gains allies among the Simba who resist Black Tooth's reign. With his new found allies and information he begins leading assaults on the supply lines of the Endless Storm. The effort proved fruitful and created distrust among the Simba distracting them, shortly after he disappeared for a long period. Only returning to Africa once Kisasi had taken the reigns of the Ahadi. He aids them only in peripheral ways, but after sometime departs.
  • 1999-2000-Vasya returned home to the Sept of the Crescent Moon, or at least he tried. The Shadow Curtain curtailing his efforts. His reception home was less than pleasant, stunned members of the House thought that he had been dead for years. When news of Trevero and this Undead witch were bantied about, he offered his services as a Scout and communication agent to the Leaders of the Assault. During the battle, he narrowly escaped death, earning a battle scar in the process. He fought valiantly and in the end, was able to survive the encounter.
  • 2000-2004-Traveled to the United States, found a home in the American Southwest. Things were getting better slowly until a call was made by his allies in Africa. He returned in 2005 to the Kalahari Desert to assist the Red Talons, and Silent Striders in destroying the ancient banes and vampires that were released in the absence of Black Tooth.
  • 2004-2010- In 2004, He returned to Africa and joined the Ahadi in the final hunt of Black Tooth and the Endless Storm. After the destruction, he sat upon the Auspicial Council of the Sept of Last Stand with Kisasi and Roger Daly. In 2010 he returned to the Sept of his Birth the Sept of the Crescent moon, and answering the call entered the fray against the Dark Brigade. His role in the battle was to embolden the Warriors of Gaia, and this he did, earning his mark on the conflict.
  • 2011-Current- Shortly before leaving Russia, heels of defeating Shazear and the dark brigade, Vasya renounced his Noble heritage in the house of the Crescent Moon, and instead petitioned House Wyrmfoe for membership. To his surprise and to the surprise of others, he was accepted readily. Shortly after, he also relinquished his seat on the Auspicial Council of the Great Caern in Lagos, with no reason given. After doing so, his Tribe saw fit to strip him of Rank. While the charges were for his betrayal of his House, everyone among the Silver Fangs understood it to be punishment for removing Silver Fang influence in the Sept of the Last Stand. Since that time, he has lived in Phoenix Arizona, hoping to rebuild what was lost.

WW1 Images.jpeg Rumors

  • He is among the oldest Silver Fangs walking the Earth, having spent much of his youth quietly observing, studying, and collecting stories of the Nation.
  • His denial of House Crescent Moon, and subsequent acceptance into House Wyrmfoe is how he earned the deed name "Broken Promise"
  • Some believe that he is truly insane, to the point of his continued existence being a breach of the Litany.
  • He has fought in nearly every battle that the Garou have engaged in for at least the last century.
  • His current form is an absolute fabrication, created only for the benefit of his betrayal.
  • He is a pawn in a dangerous game between the Noble Houses of the Silver Fangs, though no one is aware of the end game.
  • He is rumored to be among the most connected Garou in the Nation--some question just how far his reach extends.
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  • "I've known Vasya my whole life. He's always been patient with me, as I am with him. We are friends...of a sort. Something much deeper lies within what we have than mere friendship. It's just...weird to describe." - Katie "Blades of Rapture" Roman
  • "He may be an Omega, but he is MY Omega. I pity those that forget that." - Griffin's Mercy
  • "I have spent my life delving into mysteries great and small, but Vasya "Broken Promise" is one of the few which eludes me still. How can one be so clear of mind and heart, and still find so much trouble over what should be the simplest of things - the blood in one's veins? How is it that he carries duty so deeply in his heart, and yet also finds himself so deep in the heart of scandal?" - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "We fought together in Atlanta, and killed many foes of Gaia. He is useful friend to have." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy
  • "This wolf is truly inspirational on the battlefield. As we rushed from one front to another, reclaiming Atlanta from the Wyrm, his howls kept those who ran with him hungry for battle and victory. I will gladly lend my blade to his tooth and claw." - Thrall Larssen
  • "I met Vasya in the most inhospitable of places, and on the surface his demeanor suited the wastes of the unforgiving desert. But even in the most barren of locales, you can find deep roots far beneath the surface, and springs of cool and sweet water. That though the sun beats down relentlessly, the cool of the night brings a tapestry of stars overhead like nowhere else. Many will see Vasya as the callous, biting wolf he shows the world; But I will always remember the stories spun out under starlight and the words that will be forever etched upon my spirit. In the eyes of the world he is an enigma, a puzzle to be unwoven; to me however, he is an honest answer and truthful promise. " - Denali Deep-Song
  • "A strange wolf. He wears his Homid form so those of his pack do not need to. He is the lowest in his pack, despite being a Silver Fang. He is a Talesinger, but plays the role of the Warrior more convincingly. He is cunning and determined, and puts himself in positions where it is easy to underestimate him. Do not." - Duskcaller
  • "He smelled of bad cologne and alcohol, when I first met him. It was so strong, I didn't look any further; what a foul thing to smell like! But... I begin to think perhaps it's like every other foulness about him, a half-truth, deliberately too strong to scent past." - Lines of Light
  • "Hey Bro, the 90's called. They want their emo clothes and guy liner back." - Unknown
  • "Please do not confuse him with Promise Broken, human born Galliard of the Shadow Lords. Is confusing, I know." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy
  • "Coming Soon" - Blah


Sept: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Tribe: Silver Fang
Pack: Last Laugh
Camp: Sanctum of Gaia

Allies and Associates
Katie "Blades of Rapture" Roman
Denali Deep-Song
Victor Garren
Alexander Bryce-Singh
Scent on the Horizon
Memento Mori
Storms Toss the Unburdened Soul
Luke Kriel
Lines of Light
Grave Winter
Eyes of Icarus
Dhakiat Bkthyr Najah Bahir
Merle le Corbeau
Natalia Richardson
Thrall Larssen
Remembers the Dance
Alistair Cross
Jean-Pierre Cerf, "Marteau de Feu"
Eydolon na Gaotha
Kishi Romanov
Gregori Garren
Darius Morningkill
Vanessa Garren
Ambrose Silverheart
Benjamin Ducats
Priscilla Lamnidae

OOC Player Info
Player: Mike Day
ST: Phoenix VST


  • Kirill, Eastern Promises

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