Broken Road

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Joseph Carter-Burke III, known as Broken Road

Auspice: Ahroun

Pack: None

Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta

Personality: Broken Road tends to be laconic and easy-going and relatively unassuming. He's willing to lend a hand, quiet, and tends to just try and get the job done. He doesn't draw attention to himself - or at least he tries not to. He's matter-of-fact and down to business, but also a little distant as a result. He won't actively pick a fight, but he will end one. Quickly.


Broken Road has spent the better part of his years as a Garou wandering the American south-west, poking his nose into things he probably shouldn't have. He styles himself as a killer of banes and has recently come north into California on the heels of a friend of his. He values his independence highly and, as things go, is very liberal by the nation's standards. Rumor has it that he grew up somewhere in the middle of nowhere in south-eastern Utah. He recently spent time serving as the Wyrmfoe of the The Sept of Good Deeds prior to the moving of its caern seed and its re-founding as the Sept of Karma's Vanguard.


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OOC Information

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Location: Sonoma County. CA