Bron Mac Fionn

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Db hero.jpg The late King of the Fianna was an imposing figure and appeared as if he had stepped out of the stories of old. His voice could command the most unruly of warriors and bring the stoniest hearts to weep with his story spinning. His halls were lined with the many beasts he had slain in combat. For many years his laughter filled the halls of the Silver Tara and he was everything the Fianna were meant to be. But with the Fae’s geas placed upon the Tribe by his spurned lover, the once wild king had slowly become a shade of himself. While he tended to his Tribe as all leaders should, more and more had his second been standing in for him. Rumors in dark corners speak of Harano, but no one ever dared to challenge the king.

The man whom Sorrow named his friend
Sought once again the shore, and found a shell,
And thought, I will my heavy story tell
Till my own words, re-echoing, shall send
Their sadness through a hollow, pearly heart;
And my own tale again for me shall sing,
And my own whispering words be comforting,
And lo! my ancient burden may depart.
Then he sang softly nigh the pearly rim;
But the sad dweller by the sea-ways lone
Changed all he sang to inarticulate moan
Among her wildering whirls, forgetting him...

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  • Fucked a Fae
  • Secretly wanted to see a Fera adviser on the Council
  • Died to save the gathered Garou and Seelie Fae from death in Malfeas
  • Name in Gaelic translates to "Dudebro Mac Swol".
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  • * “Bron is the only one of us who's got their shit together even after everything. I don’t envy his place or the job he does, but hot damn he has just got the best as--SPEAKING VOICE!” - Charlene Brennan, Kinfolk
  • "A drunk? Perhaps. But I think it more likely the old Galliard has done things... seen things... that most of us could not even imagine. Only the young or the truly blind would dare call a Garou who made the fates weep and gods kneel a fool. Granted, he can be a tad bit more forgetful than I'd like." -Nuala Cinderfoot
  • "A Wolf worthy of respect. Smart Rats won't forget the sacrifice for others, including Rats. Maybe Bards will know his stories." -May Cause Bleeding
  • "He died a hero's death. I guess that's a thing every Garou wants. At least he warned us before he croaked." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "It was strange to speak to him beyond his death. I regret not taking the opportunity to get to know him better while he lived. I fear we had much in common, had we bothered to look." -Duskcaller
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Sept: Ard Righ of Silver Tara
Rank: Elder
Auspice: Galliard
Notable: former Fianna Councilor
Status: Deceased

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