Bruce Simpson

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OOC Information


iVST TW Sabbat

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Character Name

Information Known by the Sabbat
Name: Bruce

Clan: Coyote Gangrel
Social Class:
Position: Beat Stick

Profile: Bruce is a fighter, a beat stick, known for aggressive behaviour and wanting to fight the biggest nasty he can find. He swears a lot too

No one really remembers what he looks like... describing as a loud-mouth youth of average build and looks... tends to talk about Star Wars movies...

1980 to 1999 = born and raised in Sweden.

July 1999 = Embraced during Week of Nightmares

August 1999 to 2000 = No memory of this period… Bruce “wakes up” surrounded by corpses and blood… Leaves Sweden

2000 to 2011 = travels the globe fighting and meeting others (OOC Ongoing PC tie section here)

2012 = Moves to Sheffield following the Chicago Blood Accord being signed.

2012 to present = Survives in Sheffield following the rule of Elder Magdalene