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“Love me faithfully, See how I am faithful,

With all my Heart, and all my Soul, I am with you,

even though I am far away.”

Commonly Known Information

Name: Edmund "Bruder" Eriksen

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel

Bruder is often found traveling with Huld.


  • Bruder is really a malkavian, he just thinks he is a gangrel.
  • Bruder is actually a ventrue, it is merely easier to pretend to be a gangrel than to argue with Huld about it.
  • Bruder is his name.
  • Bruder is not his name.
  • Bruder has been accompanying Huld for over a thousand years.
  • Bruder is clearly simply a mortal.
  • Bruder is Huld’s ghoul.
  • Bruder is Huld’s lover/brother/cousin/bodyguard/elderkeeper
  • Bruder is Huld’s companion and that makes her The Doctor.
  • Bruder is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
  • Bruder is Batman
  • Despite being Batman, people HAVE seen Bruder and Batman in the same room.
  • Bruder is a figment of Huld’s imagination.
  • Bruder was a hunter before he was embraced
  • Bruder was raised by werewolves
  • Bruder raises werewolves as pets.
  • Bruder is a secret Anarch.
  • Bruder doesn’t care about status.
  • Bruder is actually an Archon's secret agent, everything you see is an act to make you divulge your heresy.
  • Bruder is an android and doesn’t know how to act like a real person.
  • Bruder was kidnapped as a child and molded into the perfect minion by a deranged malkavian elder who thinks he is her brother.
  • Bruder responds well to Scooby snacks.
  • Bruder is romantically stalked by a socialite widow who thinks he reminds her of ‘dear old Charlie’ who was lost in the war.
  • Bruder is the youngest of a vast and noble line of gangrel that have stalked the dark forests since man first feared the lurking shadows.
  • Bruder has a pet owl that does tricks for dead mice.
  • Bruder collects rocks.
  • Bruder collects stamps, and insists on showing them to people
  • What Bruder actually collects will bore you into Torpor
  • Bruder's collection is an horrific sight that will scar your very soul
  • Bruder’s actually playing Candy Crush on his phone during Court.
  • Bruder's hero is Bob the Minion, from the Minions movies.
  • Bruder has no soul.
  • Bruder is Groot.
  • Bruder is a pretty pretty princess and anyone who says differently is lying.
  • Bruder REALLY needed that guy's leg.
  • There is no Bruder, there is only Huld.
  • No matter where he goes or how hard he tries, Huld can always find him.
  • Bruder has more status than you and your friends put together.
  • Bruder is no longer allowed to trade military equipment for ‘magic beans.’
  • Bruder is Lawful Neutral.
  • Bruder is Lawful Boring.
  • Bruder has a weakness for German chocolate cake.
  • Bruder is an expensive mercenary that only works for cold hard cash.
  • Bruder is owed a number of major boons from a disturbingly high number of elders.
  • Bruder lost a bet regarding the American Revolution.
  • Bruder spent three hundred years stuck in Greenland hunting seals.
  • Bruder is only here to make sure that no one breaks reality, again.
  • Bruder survived Ragnarok.
  • Bruder diabolized his own sire and has been pretending to be him ever since.
  • Bruder has the one ring to rule them all buried under tax invoices in his office drawer.
  • Bruder has killed a god.
  • Bruder is the reason we can’t have nice things.
  • Bruder can kill your imaginary friends.
  • Bruder can speak braille
  • Bruder’s reflection is actually his evil twin, trapped within the planes of glass.
  • Bruder makes his friends sign non-disclosure documents.
  • Bruder is a clone and there are half a dozen of him running around.
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  • “He is Bruder. I do not understand your confusion.”-Huld
  • "I don't know what he is, but he ain't brujah and he sure as hell ain't gangrel."- Raven
  • “You can’t do that to me, I’m an Eld-----“
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OOC Information

Player: Keith Gearhart

Player Email:

Storyteller: William Tetreault

Storyteller Email:

Location: Bloomington, Illinois