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Contact Player: Caroline T. (US2017090055)
VST: Amherst, MA Masq VST

This character is a 6th Generation PC Head of a lineage. Contact me at my email for ties, membership in the lineage, etc!

Freedom and Family
Name: Brunihild, "Nana"
Clan: Brujah
House: Haizea
Generation: Luminary
Born: 185 CE
Embraced: 212 CE
Native Language: Gothic
Sect: Anarch Movement
Status: Committed
Sire: Critias
Broodmate: Amyntas
Childer: Elder Nikolae Lednik
Sebastiano Guelfo
Notable Traits: Loremaster
Natural Linguist

"Hey child, stay wilder than the wind..."

Things to know

185 CEBorn as a Visigoth
212 CEEmbraced by Critias
476 CEAmyntas works with her to rally her people to sack Rome
500 CEDisappears into the mountains
602 CEEmerges from the mountain and moves to England
793 CEWhile studying in England, her church is attacked by Siegrid
900 CEMoves to Constantinople to teach and study
924 CEEmbraced Nikolae
1192 CEEmbraced Sebastiano
1204 CEMoves to Russia
1391 CEFollows Tyler and participates in First Anarch Revolt
1493 CESuffering defeat, she is punished with a century long torpor
1593 CERefuses to join the Sabbat
1610 CEMoves to New World
Travels up and down the coast teaching and studying
1776 CEAssists in Revolutionary War
1840 CEIs a main player in the Anarch Railroad
1890 CEMoves west to California
1944 CEParticipates in the Second Anarch Revolt
1947 CEMeets and spends time at an observatory with Donzella Costigan
1989 CEEnters a voluntary 30 year torpor


  • Critias
    • Brunihild
      • Nikolae Lednik
        • Ishka
          • Ludwig Eichenbaker
            • Jadzia (Jade) “Tack” MIchenko
              • Victor Marsh
            • POST (NPC)
              • Elliot Mae Northrup
              • Tails
          • Caleb Morgan

  • Add more if you want!
  • "I find so few Anarchs worth speaking to, but some, particularly the eldest among them, understand purpose, understand Dharma ..." - Basir Khorram-Din
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