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"Loren Ipsum"



  • Agent of the Black Hand

Public Information

Bryce Huntington is your stereotypical spoiled rich kid with a eurotrash bent. A degenerate and deviant even before the embrace, you adapted to life in the Sabbat with gusto. For the first time in the found a “family” that cared and appreciated him for who he was. Born to the Huntington family in the late 1930’s, Bryce was born into wealth and privilege that came with old money from banks and trusts. He and his sister grew up in a string of boarding schools. They were constantly forced to leave when their deviant activities were uncovered or when their class mates would mysteriously get hurt or disappear. Bryce and his sister grew up being essential the only family that the other had. This caused them to have an unnaturally close relationship that borders on incestuous. He will do anything to protect her. Even though she has gone on a path he holds out hope to bring her back. He is also insanely jealous of others that would steal her attention or time from him. This is what lead him to turn on and diablerize his sire, who had taken to an attraction for his sister.


  • Initiated
  • Branded by The Black Hand



Known Timeline

December 18th, 1935 - Bryce Huntington and his Twin sister are born.
April 19th, 1956 – Bryce turns on and diablerizes his sire for making romantic overtures towards his sister.
May 21st, 1956 – After around a month on the run, the Black Hand hunts down Bryce and his sister on suspicion of being involved in the death of their sire. Vox Umbra called in several favors from amongst some of the elders in the Sabbat and the investigation was dropped; with the understanding that Bryce would train to Join the Black Hand. He knew he would either succeed and serve the Sabbat or die in the attempt.
1961 – Bryce’s sister Embraces Malachi Salamanca, and dotes on him like a child. Bryce resents the attention Mal gets and begins to abuse Mal while he is false sabbat.
1981 – Mal joins the inquisition and the tension between the two grows deeper.
1996 – Bryce is relocated to Colorado Springs in a crusade to push the Camarilla out of the city.


  • Bryce is subconsciously in love with Malachi and that is the source of his hatred for Malachi.
  • Rumor



Bryce Huntington

Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: CO-015-D
Player: Jayme Wooster
VST: Rob Purdy


  • "Ugh, there's two of them... And I can't decide which of them is the more insufferable out of the pair..."Serafino Morreti
  • "I dislike him on two fronts. I really wish him and Mary would shut the fuck up, most days. I try my best to be diplomatic, I try... I am sure there is more to him, as there is more to my sire."Malachi Salamanca
  • "What can I say about my cousin ... at least he is not a peasant?"Borreroak
  • "Say Something."You