Brynjar Hrafnsen

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Name: Brynjar Hrafnsen
Clan: Gangrel
Notable: Luminary Elder
Date of Birth: 698AD
Date of Embrace 733AD
Nationality: Norse
Known Childer:
Haralt Brynjarsen
Thorunn Brynjardottir
Sire: Ikkenai
Broodmates: Olaf Magnusson, Arne, Altani-Khan
Innately Loyal, Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Prominent, Noble
Found Honourable by Harpy Royale, Elder Frederick Rex Reinhardt

The witch looked into runes and bones scattered across the floor that evening. The wrinkles around her eyes twitched. Expectantly the young couple stared back at her with the same scrutiny that the witch gave to the portents. The night of his conception one of Huginn and Munin’s kin sat upon the couple's house.

He idolized the two older boys in the village. Olaf and Bjorne pulled so much respect from Bryn, so when he was given the opportunity to travel to a foreign land with Olaf he took it. He did not know at the time, how this would change the direction of his life. Olaf and Brynjar both gained the attention of the creature that would be their sire, Ikkenai. After Olaf moved to Tronheim, Brynjar returned to the village that would be later called Oslo. Olaf was embraced and held Tronheim, and Bryn was embraced for his influence in the area of the village.

Years pass until 998AD. This was the year that Olaf made the true push to claim praxis of Trondheim, and called for his allies to support his claim. Bryn answered the call.

The very next year Brynjar set sail with 3 ships west, past even Leif's settlement, and founded a small settlement which is now called L'anse Aux Meadows. in 1005AD 2 of the ships returned, but Brynjar did not. in the final spring of 1005AD Bryn took one boat to go further down the great river west to find if this Vinland had any riches or value to the Norse. He, and his ship was never heard from again.

Until the Winter of 2018AD, a construction crew openned ground near the island of Montreal that had not been disturbed for over 1000 years. The death that followed the ancient vampires waking could only be described as immediate, and brutal.

“I do not believe that he exists, he purportedly lives in Montreal, and yet I have never seen him at any gathering I have attended. Very strange indeed.” - Mr. Blackett

"Undervurder ikke min bror. Den lange søvn vil ikke ha gjort ham tregere.'"" - Olaf

“Like for fuck's sake, like of course like Loki would like lead me to like another fucking Norse dude's like cave to fight in. Maybe like I should have like seen like what kind of fight, this guy who's like been in asleep for like as long as Siggy's been alive, had in him.” - Karma

“Ravens are bad omens, and notoriously difficult to domesticate.” - Thaddeus Moreau

OOC Information
Player: Quinn Kurenda
VST: Patric Gagne
Domain: Montreal, QC
Email Quinn for details regarding history, and for contacts or background ties.