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Formerly: Primogen,
Keeper of Elysium

House Aurelius

Confirmed (from Ancilla)
Enforcer (from Sheriff)
Privileged (from Sheriff)

Bryson's Jolly Roger



Bryson Cobb, circa 1720's

Shakespeare said a man in his time plays many parts. Bryson Cobb has played more than his fair share. Orphan. Street Rat. Pirate. Guide. Servant. Advisor. Enforcer. Now would be diplomat and adjudicator, Cobb’s life has afforded him wonders beyond measure as well as enough strife for a dozen lifetimes or more. After nearly two centuries serving as a ghoul to his House, Bryson was finally gifted with the Embrace. Now a member of the Camarilla living in the corrupt island paradise that is Santo Domingo, Bryson navigates the perils of the Jyhad as he once navigated the Caribbean.

With connections in the Anarch barony of Nassau, his hometown, and the Independent Alliance stronghold of Freeport, Bryson is one of the few Camarilla members that travels freely around the islands working with the various sects. Impartial (except for when it comes to family), Bryson is well situated to fulfill his bloodline’s role as envoy and arbiter. Only his own carefree demeanor and well known liberal attitudes could prove to be an undoing to his new ventures. Never one to worry about such things, Bryson still maintains various interests in both legitimate and less than legal areas of power. With ties to numerous Pillar Clans, the up and coming Vizier is sure his future will be long and prosperous. Just ask him.

Bryson's current ship, Il Terribile Pescecane

Bryson is most often found in Santo Domingo, though he travels on his luxury yacht, iL Terrible Pescecane, frequently to the Bahamas. There are rumors he has interests in Tortuga, one of his old stomping grounds, though these are often discounted as Haiti and its territories are considered off limits to those of the Tower; kindred who travel there do not return.

Bryson's biggest moment to date came in 2014. Bryson served as Keeper of Elysium under the Nosferatu Prince Cassius. The Prince, having secretly staked the previous Primogen, called for a new Primogen council to be named. Bryson, named for the Assamites, did a quick head count. Once four Primogen were named he set about the procedure to remove Cassius. Less than a half hour later, backed by the Tremere, Malkavian, Toreador, and most importantly Elder Catherine Foxley of the Ventrue, the newly minted Primogen Council ousted the Prince. The violent confrontation after was, thankfully, shorter than the Primogen meeting. Being left out, the Nosferatu Primogen took issue, attempting to extort boons from Cobb for his swiftness. Once the new Prince, Zahira Isret took the throne, Bryson was named Sheriff. His less than two hour stint as Primogen being enough for him in that position... for now.

Bryson Cobb, cleaned up for modern nights

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  • Bryce was close friends with the pirate Charles Vane. Such close friends, he once defied a Ventrue Elder so that his dear friend would not suffer the perils of immortality.
  • He seems a much better fit for the Anarchs in his hometown of Nassau than the Tower
  • Cobb may actually be a lower generation, the child of Julian himself, and his deception is a clever long term plan ... to some end
  • Bryson accessorizes handguns like other people do watches; among his favorites are a HK 45 and a pair of converted Colt 1851 Navy revolvers
  • "Bryson could get along with anyone, I'm convinced, but I'm happy he decided to do so with me anyway." - Lucy
  • Overheard: "Who has more sway in your life ... your mortal boss or your immortal one?" --Bryson Cobb
  • "I'd be upset at his family for keeping him in the Tower, except I like them too much to be that mad. Damn shame, though. Let's hope he doesn't tear in half before he sorts out his loyalties." - Jaguar
  • "I am proud of all of those who have chosen to work for me, but I am equally proud of those who found that they were called elsewhere." Elijah Zacheaus

  • Influences: Bronn (Game of Thrones), Hal Gates (Black Sails), Jacopo (Count of Monte Cristo (2002 movie)), and a splash of Thomas Magnum (Magnum, P.I.)

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