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Information Known by the Garou Nation - DECEASED

Name: Bubba "Roadblock" Jackson (Deceased)

Breed / Tribe / Auspice: Homid / Bone Gnawer / Ahroun

Rank: Adren

Faction: Concordat of Stars

Tribal Camp: Road Wardens

Sept Position(s): Den Parent

Notable Traits: Very much a red-neck.

Pack: Salvagers

Sept: Warrior's Wisdom (Phoenix, AZ)


Red-neck with a heart of gold.


Roadblock is a genuinely nice and helpful man, and lacks any ambition to achieve higher rank within the Garou Nation. He is perfectly happy simply helping and protecting others, be they Garou, Fera, Kinfolk or even just regular humans. In addition to his fighting ability, he is also an automotive mechanic, carpenter, electrician, plumber and stone mason.


Bubba was born in 1974, into a typical poor family of Bone Gnawer kinfolk, but due to his athleticism was looking at a potential career in football. This was derailed in 1990 when he underwent his first change, dropped out of High School, and subsequently focused instead on various trades, particularly those relevant in the construction industry, while simultaneously learning more about the Garou Nation. In 1994 he underwent his Rite of Passage and earned his initial deed name of "Crowbar" for solving one of the challenges in a particularly inventive manner (which, of course, involved the use of a crowbar). Some eleven years later, he challenged for the rank of Fostern, earning his current deed name "Roadblock". Since then, he has been a fairly low-key member of the Garou nation, helping out wherever he can.

Bubba was slain at the hands of Vincent in May of 2018.



OOC Information

Player: Bryan Lee Briggs - US2016010036

Player Email: blbriggs74@gmail.com

Storyteller: Connor Nigrovic

Storyteller Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ