Bulwark of Unity

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Deed Name:Bulwark of Unity
Notable Traits:Permanent scars across face. Eye patch on left eye.
Sept:Sept of the Fallen Heros
Pack:Concordia Corroborat
Camp:Servants of the Unicorn
Tribe:WhiteWolfWiki-Children of Gaia.png
OOC Information
Player:Steven H.
Player Email:sethmesemail@gmail.com
Storyteller:Kerri H.
Storyteller Email:mesmaconvsgarou@gmail.com
Location:Macon, GA


Dom stands a little over 6 foot tall with permanent scars across his face. Almost always wears an eye patch on his left eye.

Pack: Concordia Corroborat

Public Timeline

  • Joined the Sept of the Raging Blood
  • 1990 - First Change; Joined the Sept of the Raging Blood as a Cub under Ashley "Many Faces" Greene
  • 2000 - Age of Apocalypse
  • 2008 - (Nov) Sept of the Raging Blood and Caern at the Ocmulgee Mound Complex are destroyed. Most garou die in last stand except for cubs and cliath that are told to flee with Ashley "Many Faces" Greene, Den Parent. Stayed behind while the Caern was under attack to provide a way for the Cubs and Cliath to escape.
  • 2008 - Presumed Dead
  • 2008 - 2012 - ???
  • 2012 - Returned to Hitchiti Experimental Forest and joined the Sept of the Fallen Heroes
  • 2014 - (June) Shard Caern raised and dedicated to Danu. Shard seed gifted by Sept of the Forgotten Waters (Louisiana, USA - custody of the Bone Gnawers).


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