Burning Waters

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Region: South Central

Clan: Followers of Set

High Priest: Serapion, the Painted Serpent

Blessed Ones:


Spiritual Leadership:

Name Position City
Penny Priest of Houston Houston, TX
Drake Priest of New Orleans New Orleans, LA
Alejandro Priest of Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA
Xochitl Ocelotl Goddess of San Antonio San Antonio, TX
Tachenef Priestess of Little Rock Little Rock, AR
Neith Amunet Priestess of Alexandria Alexandria, LA
Samira Yassine Priestess of Dallas Dallas, TX
N/A Priest/ess of Lake Charles Lake Charles, LA
N/A Priest/ess of Austin Austin, TX
N/A Priest/ess of Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK

Political Leadership:

Name Position City
Djeserit Doyen Houston, TX
Naqiyah Doyen New Orleans, LA
[[]] Emissary Austin, TX
Tim Taylor Doyen Baton Rouge, LA
Coaxoch Doyen San Antonio, TX
Tachenef Emissary Little Rock, AR
[[ ]] Dallas, TX
[[ ]] Alexandria, LA
[[ ]] Oklahoma City, OK