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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Maya "Burns Like Truth" Nadoo

Notable Traits: Looks like a monk, Compassion, Humor

Pack: Gardeners of the Galaxy (aka Guardians of Renewed Earth)

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: New York, NY



Burns was born Maya Nadoo, to a kinfolk mother who was steeped in the culture of the Stargazer tribe. She has several half-siblings, two brothers who bred true within that tribe and a sister who did not. While Burns went through her change at the age of 14, and felt a stronger calling to Unicorns protective nature. Keeping her ties with the Stargazers as a Buddhist and a student of Balance, she attempts to lead a path of compassion and service to others (her success at this is a bit questionable).

Known as something of a free-spirited youth, Burns spent most of her time seeing to the emotional needs of harano-ridden garou. Currently, has now settled into her early 40s and seeks to help others through the dissemination of News, Knowledge and humor. The Garou Nation is struggling to put the pieces back together after the Age of Apocalypse, and this is the best way she knows to get everyone on the same page.


  • I hear Burns Like Truth is a Co Host for Radio Free Gaia
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "She calls it like she sees it, and isn't afraid to cut through bullshit, nonsense, or egos." - Three-Step


Please link your PC here if you would like to be a news source or contact :)

OOC Information

Player: Rachel Sanks

Player Email: little.grey.fox (at)gmail.com

Storyteller: J. Christensen

Location: New York, NY