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Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda) Wilhelma Zoo-8.jpg

Apocalypse PC

Player: Ryan O.
Character: Buttons
Auspice: Eji
Fera: Kitsune
Breed: Roko
Rank: Adren
Domain: GA-018-D


Character Information

Name: Buttons

Deed Name: TBD

Breed: Roki

Path: Eji

Tribe: Kitsune

Rank: Adren


Domain: GA-018--D


  • Fennec Fox in breed form.


Buttons is of the fennec fox breed, and was born as a fox in June 2011 somewhere in North Africa. He was only several months old when trappers found the den while his mother was away hunting. He was snatched up, along with his brothers and sisters, and they were split up and sold to exotic animal dealers. A short time later the dealer sold him to a wealthy family in the US. They named him "Buttons", because his eyes were like two big, bright and shiny buttons.

Buttons was a house pet for several years, but was never really domesticated. He was still a wild animal, full of energy and rambunctious; but fiercely protective of his humans. He was particularly bonded with the child; likely because it was the only one that had an energy level comparable to his own.

In the summer of 2016, his owners had to go on an extended trip that they couldn't take Buttons on. They boarded him at a vet that specialized in dealing with rare and exotic animals. However, the stress of the separation and being around so many other strange animals was enough to trigger the First Change. Being an Ahroun, it was pretty messy...

Luckily there were other Fera in the area at the time (his packmates), that quickly nabbed him before things went much worse. And he's been with them ever since.

Being less than a year changed, and having led a predominately sheltered life prior to that, he has an unusually bright, sunny, cheerful, and naive outlook on things. However, he's far from dumb. He learned real quick that even as an Ahroun, he can't really go toe to toe with the other shifters in combat; so he's had to find other strengths to rely on. Being small and quick on his feet, he's become adept at avoiding hits rather than being tough enough to take them. Additionally, he's learned to use his adorable looks to his advantage, letting opponents underestimate him so that he can catch them off guard. Sly like a fox, as the saying goes.


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Pack - Seeking One

Bragging Rights


  • To fund his various vices, Buttons is planning a Film career. Think "Buttons, go get help, Timmie's fallen in the well again"
  • The collar he wears is to signify his membership in a BDSM relationship.
  • He's not actually a Fennec Fox or a Kitsune, he's a Nuwisha with Thousand Forms fucking with people to see how much he can get away with.
  • He has a love of older dances. He can Waltz, Charleston, and Madison with the best of them.


  • "Buttons, no." - Chula
  • "What a fun fox! I like this one. He makes me laugh and this is good." - SpiritRider
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Character Inspiration

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