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Commonly Known Information
Name: Buzzard
Notable Traits: Moniker: Sons Of Carthage
Society: Anarchs
Clan: Brujah

Things About Buzzard
Buzzard is very social. Being one of the founding five members of the Sons of Carthage, or The First Five, as they are referred, he has sought the respectable treatment of Anarchs since his arrival in Los Angeles in 1931. While initially thought of as a thug, he has proven himself more recently, as a skilled investigator and one more than one occasion a sort of diplomat.


  • "Buzzard is a passionate and aggressive with his passions. Do not let that be all you see. Behind the swagger and the volume at which he argues is a sharp mind, and the conviction to see things through." - Mila Rurik
  • "He came along when I needed him most. I might be dead, lost, forever trapped in my own nightmares if not for him." - Lorena Silva
  • "A curious creature, one that I did not expect to be as interesting as he is. Perhaps when he finishes strutting about and posturing, we might discuss actual business." - Desmond Aldred
  • "Oh, he's the most delightful sort chap -- a bit of danger, a fair dose of charm, and a sweet tongue to wrap it together. Just the sort my mum warned me about." - Maxine Chambers
  • "Theives get rich, saints get shot, and god don't answer prayers a lot" - Buzzard, when asked about his faith
  • "He embodies the passions of our clan, but also has the focus to direct them where they're needed. I find him remarkable and an excellent one to converse with." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "Sure he's a loud, brash, impolite fella, but there's no one I'd rather have my back in a brawl. I'm glad to call him one of my best friends." - Spencer Wallace
  • "Christ, where do I start? A loyal brother, a beacon to us all, and one of the toughest motherfuckers I've seen in a fight. Once kicked a shovelhead so hard he split in half. One of the shining lights of the Movement." - Jacob McCarthy
  • "If you ever find yourself lacking purpose or in need of Inspiration, find Buzzard. He won't judge the need for redirection, won't question your loyalties. Whatever you need, if it is within his ability to provide he will. Or he will find someone who can. I was Anarch long before we met, but knowing him has changed what that actually means to me." - Mischief
  • "He like totes like saved me once, like a fucking knight on like a shiny horse, but like I think he was like on a motorcycle? Totally like thought I was like a goner too. Probably would like do anything he like asked me to. I guess it's good he's like not the type to like ask for something you don't like want to give?" - Karma
  • "Don't get me started on how much this guy annoys me. Of course, he's usually right which is why he's so damn hard to deal with." - Marianne Dashwood
  • "What little I know of Buzzard fills me with equal parts hope and sadness. Passionate and driven, but tinged with a cynicism that leaves me worried for his well being. A time may come when we become better acquainted and I can discern the source of it, to better understand him." - Aodhan the Druid
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  • He is the child or broodmate of Smiling Jack
  • Despite his preaching to the contrary, Buzzard was once a rampant diablorist.
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  • Faded by P.O.S.

"I got bridges, I got matches, But I got limits. You'll never see em. I'll cut an run before you get near them"

  • Deep Dark Basement by Andrew Jackson Jihad

"I recall that deep, dark basement And I recall how bad it smelled And I hated everybody around me I even hated myself"

  • You Don't Deserve Yourself by Andrew Jackson Jihad

"And I will make you bleed, From your mouth and your nose, And your eyes. Your blood will taste so sweet."

  • I Gave you All by Mumford & Sons

"And you rip it from my hands And you swear it's all gone And you rip out all I had Just to say that you've won"

  • Thieves/Kings by P.O.S.

"Yeah, this one’s for Andre Durand A symbol of actual action Adventure A quality man Appallingly talented, fearless, and yeah Prolly as careless as every last one of my very best friends And gone way too soon Risk that Fear that Whatever you choose"

  • Warning by Black Sabbath

"The sea began to shiver and the wind began to moan It must've been a sign for me to leave you well alone"

  • The Cradle of Humankind by Flogging Molly

"Though my time may be less traveled than those that came before We're all exiles here in madness kicking down each other's door Unforgiven is the lesson we pour upon ourselves When a helping hand is needed, slap in the face is what we get"

  • Things Go 'Round by Fistful of mercy

"I walk around in my shell Just a flesh 'n' bone prison cell My right hand says to my left Just try and do your best"

  • Sleepdrone/Superposition by P.O.S.

"You prolly learned early it's better to be hated And I hate whoever taught you that I'm happy to have learned from you"

OOC Information

Player: Joshua Harris

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Storyteller: Chris Rooney

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Location: Los Angeles, CA