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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Byakko Prowls-Upon-The-Trails
Rank: Adren
Age: 25
Apparent Age: mid 30's
Current Location: Hamilton, ON
Sept: Sept of the Endless Sky
Pack and Position:Sounder of Steel , Talesinger


Homid Form: Byakko is average height/tall for a man at least in the area of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He's a little over 6' tall, and around 250 lbs. Local to the Hamilton area his complexion in Homid is Caucasian, Blonde hair and Blue eyes. He doesn't dress particularly well, and is often wearing simply jeans, and an undershirt, depending on the weather he may also be sporting a light green hoodie or even a black leather jacket. His clothes are a little torn and frayed at the edges, and not cleaned regularly. Could be confused witha transient.

Crinos Form:

Lupus Form: Prowls-upon-the-Trails is a Grey Wolf, native to the Southern ontario region in Canada. his fur is predominantly grey with a white underside, the tips of his ear fur is also white. He is large for a breed of grey wolf, easily 120-130 lbs and a couple inches taller/longer than a typical grey wolf.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Chris
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Silent Strider
Breed: Lupus
Domain: Hamilton
VST: David

IC Email: Chris

Character Information


Despite having the appearance of a vagabond or transient, Byakko is known to be friendly and welcoming to everyone in the Garou Nation. If you invite him in and offer a bite to eat, he will gladly take the opportunity to tell stories of times he has spent travelling, most often on his own. When posed questions he will take the time to consider his wealth of knowledge, and questions that same knowledge carefully before rushing to decisions.

Amongst outsiders, and when confronted with technology, his forthcoming attitude shies away, and appears confused.

Performance Works

Endless Sky Reborn

Graduation Day for Ryan Alexander

The Path through the Fire

Ancient Bloods in Steel Town


People close to him or in the area local to Byakko know that he is Lupus born, to a pack that lived in a conservation area near Hamilton. When the Sept of the Endless Sky was threatened by the Wyrm back in 1989 prowls-upon-the-Trails underwent his first change, slaughtering agents of the Wyrm, and hunted down more who were making their way to the sept. he was then quickly brought into the Sept, and joined the ranks of the Silent Striders, and began his life as a wanderer. early on Prowls would perform tasks one would expect of a Silent Strider, and bring messages to and from different septs. The more welcoming a Sept was, the more likely he was to share in tales of Glory across the nation. he would listen to their stories and ensure those same stories be passed on at the next sept as well. A fast moving cog in the great Galliard machine of storytelling to the garou nation.

in 1990 Prowls-upon-the-Trails was traversing the umbra, on his way back to Sept of the Endless Sky when his Tribal Gifts began to malfunction, as though they were old weaver tech. Messenger's gift was now instructing him to turn around. He had been there many times and originally ignored this change of instruction, heading still to where he thought he knew where to go. When his way was blocked by Bane spirits and other agents of the Wyrm, and between crossing the Gauntlet back and forth to find the best way passed, he deactivated his messengers gift to see if it would correct itself, but it wouldn't activate. As it turns out, Sept of the Endless Sky was no more. The Great Caern had vanished.

At this point, he was not secure in his current location. Agents of the Wyrm threatened the territory he was in. This put Byakko on the run for awhile, as he also did not want to lead any foes to another Caern. Little is known about Byakko during this time, how exactly he got to safety. Where or who (if anyone) helped him.


Known Associates



Sounder of Steel

  • Sharp Words
  • Ripper of Limbs
  • Leaps from Sky
  • Ghost-in-the-Shell
  • Stitches under Fire
  • Blood from Ice

Former Pack, Shrouds The Wyld

  • Bunny
  • Jonas
  • Kaley
  • Lennox

Other Peeps

  • Dies-the-Fire is a colleague & tribemate, who is in the Auspice council in Toronto.

Fallen Allies




  • "Sometimes I'm wonder if he was born under the New Moon and simply claims Gibbous so he gets to be an 'artist'. He's a mouthy little shit but his dedication and energy deserve recognition, and while I hate to admit it he can be unnervingly astute about other Garou." - Doran "Dies The Fire" Kemp


  • Prowls-upon-the-Trails keeps himself entertained while on the prowl, by staying tuned into the Tapestry. A subscriber to the The National News!, an avid listener of Silver Record Radio, and keeps up with the opinions of the nation by joining in on the conversation at Gaia Free Radio!