Caedon Rothe

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Caedon "Breaks the Machine" Rothe




Name: Caedon Rothe
Deed Name: Breaks the Machine
Tribe: Glass Walker
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Pack: #TOTEM


Caedon Rothe has always been a quick-witted man, and ever since he was young has had a fascination with machines. He is the son of a Glass Walker and a Kinfolk, and was raised mostly away from Sept life until his first shift. He and his wife form an extremely intelligent team in the lab, a relationship which began early in college. Caedon began fusing himself with technology in an attempt to perfect the Garou form, believing that the Weaver and Wyld should stand together. He is likely to shun those who appear to be overwhelmingly stupid, and struggles with the more mystical aspects of the Garou.



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Quote and Quips

  • "He is an abomination of walking metal. He is useful, and has not proven himself tainted yet." - Douglas Fannon
  • "I'm reminded of his craftsmanship every time I see a reflection of myself. Sometimes I hate him for it." - Eight Rounds Rapid
  • "I warn all Glasswalkers about the dangers of going too far into any aspect, be that Wyld, Weaver, or Wyrm. Though we have intimate knowledge and experience with the Weaver, and we're drawn to it. We must always be sure that we don't lose ourselves when we strive to be the next six million dollar man...Yes, I may be old, doesn't mean I didn't watch TV..." - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
  • "Some folks fight tooth an' nail against th' future, try'na keep things 'Pure.' Caed's what scares 'em. He's a constant reminder... one day, we old fucks gotta admit that we're obsolete." - Judge Taco
  • "He seems a decent guy. At least there's someone I can talk science with." - Jo Trevino
  • "That man's got too much of the Weaver in him. Mark my words, he goes any deeper than he's already gone and he'll end up bein' a beacon to the Wyrm smack dab in the middle of our Sept."
  • "AAaaaaawwwooooooooo." - Boar Slayer
  • "Caedon has been a friend of my family for quite some time. I have learned much from him." - Rose Marie Davis
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Genos from One Punch Man.
The more-than-human hero, standing as a protector mankind against impossible odds.


Indestructible, Disturbed

"Another fuse uncovered, now for me to light
My dedication to all that I've sworn to protect
I carry out my orders without a regret
My declaration, embedded deep under my skin
A permanent reminder of how it began
No hesitation when I am commanded to strike
You need to know that you're in for the fight of your life"


Player: Phillip Cava-Peltan

Player Email: Email Me

Apocalypse VST: MJ Jackson

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