Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow

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Name Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow

Clan Gangrel

Covenant Circle of the Crone

Age Younger than Emmet Barstow

Position MIA

Summary: Five feet and four inches of blonde badassery. Caitrìona, like those before her to have resided in Maine and emigrated from Europe. She tends to come to town more often than not. A bit different than her relative, but as the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover. Temperamental at her worst and calm/patient at her best. As the predator hunts its prey, she knows when to strike and when to stay. With a sway of her hips she will pull you in, as her eyes remain an impassive grey storm, her hair golden like the rays of the long forgotten sun.


1855- Born into the Barstow family. 1855-70- Mortal life and upbringing. Married someone her Patriarch told her to. Had children. Husband mysteriously disappeared. Other members of the family raised her children when she was embraced. During this time, she met Lucian St Germain with the supervision of Emmet Barstow. With Emmet's supervision, she also meets Jonas Graves. He becomes another tutor that the Little Miss has at her side.
She studied and learned different things. The culture which she was born into, the blood that ran through her veins. The children she had, Cameron and Seraphina who were mortals that moved on. Soon enough at the age of 25, it was her turn. Her fascination and curiosity that led to where she is now.

The Embrace

1870-Embraced by her great-great-great grandfather Emmet Barstow. Both Lucien and Jonas help the Little Miss and her ancestor with this change.

1872- Met Melinoe Addams and learned what else it means to be a part of the Circle of the Crone from her.
Spent her time between the wilderness and in society. Watching, learning. She studied the dances of the locals and her French and Scottish ancestors. Doing different combinations to give her own twist on each. As she progressed in her learning, she studied more with Lucien. Learning about witchcraft, the French and Algonquin languages. Understanding the words she would dance to. During this time Ausar makes an appearance and like the precocious and curious child she listens to his words and learns from him.

1888- Caitrìona and Emmet find Arietta Musette Chanson and help her to embrace the monster she has become. That even there is beauty in it and being a Crone.

1896 - resulted in the appointment of two separate Ellsworth police forces, each of which threatened to arrest the other. This was largely concocted by the Invictus and Carthians wrestling for power within the city limits. Stayed out of those politics and kept to the fringe of society until things calmed down.

1923 - Ellsworth experienced its first disaster of the 20th century, dubbed the Great Flood, when a spring freshet rushed over the dam and carried off the metal Union River Bridge, along with many buildings along the river, such as the Dirigo Theater, the Foundry and many wharves and warehouses. This event marked the end of Ellsworth's prominence as a shipping center. During this event Caitrìona helped with the animals in the area and raised funds with her dances to help rebuild.

1924 - A new bridge was built and completed, remarkably fast and far more lasting. The kindred had pulled together to ensure money and resources were available. Helped with fundraising by doing shows.

1932 - She meets Zebadiah Pace and they start to run together as clan. She shows him the ropes of the forest and where to avoid.

1933 - The Great Fire - The fire destroyed most of Ellsworth's downtown commercial district, on the east side of the Union River. New buildings were built in brick, mainly in Art Deco style. The unique Ellsworth City Hall dates from this period. Many old houses outside the business district survived the conflagration. Ensured that the animal populace was taken care of and used her dances to raise funds to rebuild.

1950 - The population in the county begins to surge as Lancea retake power and push faith into the forefront of mortal concern. The baby-boom signals the rise in population that will continue for 30 years. Over these 30 years, the population of the county surges to 300,000 by 1980. From the shadows, Caitrìona helped those of Lancea to regain power. Not bothering with their religious aspects as she has her own views. Helping those that are "too sinful" find "redemption" in the next life. Specifically Hélène Badeaux.

1980 - Social movements push the local population surge to slow down, at least from the baby making perspective, and the population does not grow in this decade. Here and there were reports of visitors going missing. No one really knows why or how. Got to know Ausar and bring him up to speed on things during the decade and the times of things.

1990 - Businesses begin to boom and many wealthy individuals come to Ellsworth to invest. The economy does well, and people begin to come to Ellsworth. The population in the county grows by a third in this decade, to 400,000. Same events of those going missing. Always seems to be tourists, none of the reports too closely looked at. The shows that she does at the behest of Vidal, helps with the economy. From time to time performing with Arietta as she sings while Caitrìona dances. Mel introduces her sister Dani Gibbons to Caitrìona. With her curious nature, she listens to the stories Dani has to tell.

In 2012, the Icarus event did affect the kindred population. Half of the population died off suddenly, by some sickness which plagued many, mostly older kindred. Be it luck or some other mystery, Caitrìona and her family survived and are still around.

2013- Got to bring Ausar up to speed on things during the decades and the times of things. Following the execution of the Ordo Dracul who had occupied the Seneschal seat, the Queen places Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow as Seneschal.

2015- Caitrìona is gifted Darius by Naomi Hunter, a Daeva of the Ordo of Dracul. This relationship strengthens the one forged with Jonah Shore, a kin to Darius. Somewhere along the line, she also meets Anna Hale.

2020 - After the population halves, the mortal population booms again, rising another 25% to 500,000. She is still here up to the same things. Making sure the monsters are satiated and moving things around as needed.

  • Caitrìona goes missing



"Don't judge a book by its cover."

"Don't let my sunny disposition fool you."

"Beauty is only skin deep."

"Oh my favorite student, she dances with such dark and dangerous things, does she not?" Lucian St Germain

"Professional and beautiful. Worthy of much, likely more ambitious than she lets on to a stranger." - Collette Durand

"My cousin dances in shadows with an ethereal energy while I sing the doldrums of death. The sirens are always watching." - Arietta Musette Chanson

"You're a dirty needle, you're in my blood and there is no curing me..." - Darius

"You will get there in time, I'm sure you will bloom like the delicate flower that you are."- Altus Aonach

"Beautiful? Of course she's beautiful, but that's not the allure of her. Watch how she moves: the grace of a predator. That is what arouses me." - Titus Bathory

" Don't let this beauty fool you. She's consumed the soul of a Kitsune carrying their grace and cunning in whatever pursuits catches her eye."- Vidal St. Croix

"If'n you feel your temper boilin over, hit the fuckin thing what made you mad and not some innocent tree". - Abe Eklund


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Like Christine Daaé, there is a Phantom behind her pretty face.
She is a scion to a mysterious being called "Bog Jesus"
Emmet Barstow is actually her father.
Her dancing is definitely to die for.
She will rip your heart out and smile while she does so.
She sacrificed her children when they became of age.
I may have been adopted by a wolf. Vidal St. Croix
Gives discount rates for landscaping.

Ceremonial Ritual

Images green lady.png

Dancing is her Passion

The enticement

The high

The love

The way

The swish

The eyes

The sugar

The ashes

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