Calder Tekin

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Known to the Sword

Name: Calder Tekin
Clan: Tzimisce
Bloodline: Koldun
Sire: Tamel Zardov (NPC)

Standing Within the Sword of Caine

Initated as a member of the Sabbat
Loyalist as a member of the Loyalist Faction
Courageous by Archbishop Isabella Maria Torres
Battle Scarred by Bishop of War Kirk Friedman
Devout by Pack Priest Catus of Gaul

Stories Written in Stone

Begrudingly trying to maintain the Chicago Blood Accords, Calder looks to be an average man of Turkish features, albiet pale to tannish. His demeanor always appears sullen as if there is something else he should or wants to be doing. Known to have been embraced when the Sabbat overtook Flagstaff, he carries himself as someone who bears importance despite age which works well within the Sword of Caine as confidence, though some would call it arrogance (usually far away from his hearing range). Prefering a long black coat or medical scrubs, he tends not to wear shoes as he claims that it allows him better grounding with the "Source".

Time Line & Facts

  • 1967 - Born in Flagstaff, AZ
  • 2002 - Embraced during the Crusade of Flagstaff
  • 2009 - Tamel Zardov is destroyed and goes into seclusion
  • 2017 - Returns to the Sword of Caine


(Feel free to add your own)

  • He betrayed his sire to take the power of Koldunic Sorcery himself
  • His blood has thinned due to the cost of possesing the Koldunic power
  • He cares not for the Sword of Caine or any the Sabbat - just his sorcery
  • He is blood related to the Carpathian Tzimisce (which may explain his attitude)
  • He has full mastery over his sorcery making him a true Sorcerer


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OOC Information

Player: Anthony Fuentes
Storyteller: Bryan Lee Briggs
Location: Phoenix, AZ