Caleb Lasker

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General Information

Name: Caleb Lasker
Deed Name: Unspoken Vow
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Camp: Children of Crow
Pack: Seker's Light under Firebird
Lineage: Laskaris

Notable Traits:




"Caleb and I stand as reflections in every way - equal and opposite in ways that go deeper even than blood or Tribe. Yet we walk side-by-side in duty toward the future, as we have since he stood in silent witness at the moment I was born." - Ambrose Silverheart

"I know the ways and hearts of the shadow lords almost as well as my own blood and the Silver Fangs. I am pleased he was there when the seed was planted to make our Caern. He was a sight to behold." - Sylvi Anker

"He and I are related in many ways. We share children, family, and pack with an ease that I think surprised both of us. When we walk into a place it feels in some way like one of those ridiculous bar jokes because we're just so different no one would expect us to be anywhere together. I would say something serious to remember him by, but the closest I can get is that he reminds me not to be so serious. I am a better Garou for knowing him." - Zeina Sabry

"Caleb is his own man as I am my own woman. We don't believe in being co-dependent. He is loyal to his pack and to me as his wife, and that is all I can really ask of him. Also, I think I annoy him with my stubbornly independent streak." - Troyan Laskaris

"A pleasure to make his item, calm and not ticklish. Always helps when they stand still" - Annika

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"Do not give me a reason to Turn on you." (Caleb to Ytzahk during the Seeding of the Caern in Puerto Rico.)



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