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About the Author

Innate Status

Accredited as a member of the Independent Alliance.
Warned for werewolf related treaty violations.

Notable Traits
Caleb comes from the main east-coast branch of the Milliners, growing up in Hampton summer homes and privates schools since he was born, alongside his twin brother Cameron Milliner. Bred for business, the family turned a blind eye towards his "therapeutic retreats" in the wake of Cameron's untimely death. And if that meant bribing the Thai police to get him released or expediting a fake passport at the Saudi embassy, then so be it.

Since embrace (all of 3 months ago as he is proud to say), Caleb has stepped up to his family's business legacy, although his management style is notably less cutthroat than his ancestors, Caleb being more interested in making friends and socializing then exploiting employees.

In the Margins



  • Caleb was embraced because it was easier than treating his amazing range of STDs.
  • Notoriously hates his father and the feelings are mutual.
  • Rumors? What rumors?

Who’s gonna save the world tonight?/Who’s gonna bring it back to life?/We’re gonna make it, you and I/We’re gonna save the world tonight


Player: Taylor H.
MES Number: US2015120041
Location: Honolulu, HI
This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Masquerade game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.
I am welcome to any and all ties, especially those where you helped my character as a mortal (between 2012-2018 specifically), likely with bailing him out of jail or saving him from some international problem he had started.
This player is committed to the No Killbox Code. They welcome Social CvC but if you feel there are issues leading to Character Death, please reach out so we can come up with an engaging, narrative solution.


Caleb Milliner

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: OC
Player: Taylor H.