Caleb More

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Caleb More

Commonly Known Information

Name: Caleb More

Clan: Ravnos

Lineage: Maison Vérité

Sire: Clementine Dubois

Sect: Unaligned

Social Class: Ancillae

Status: Confirmed (Abiding)

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Notable Traits: Usually appears as if he has not slept in awhile.


A con man and a drifter, Caleb swindled his way across the US during the Great Depression. He'd come into town and set up shop and dupe the poor locals into buying whatever snake oil he happened to be selling, fleece them for all that he could, and then move on to the next stop once they started wising up to his tricks.

An encounter in New Orleans in 1937 led to his Embrace by Clementine. He stayed with his sire for a time, but by the 50's his wanderlust and perception of his lack of freedom had chipped away at him. After a disagreement, he left the family behind and struck out on his own.

Within a few short years he'd parlayed his newfound abilities into enhancing his old tricks; and had developed a cult of personality for himself. Gullible mortals flocked to worship him, for his promises of curing what ailed them. He lived like this for several decades, glutting himself on their blood and worship.

Then suddenly, in 2008, he disappeared from his cult without a trace. As the weeks went by without word from their master, the ghouls grew restless. The bickering, arguing, and infighting set in soon after. By the time he returned a few months later, there were only a handful left; those that had been most loyal to him. But their joy at their master's return was short lived, as quickly they realized that wherever he'd been, his experiences there had changed him. His personality was almost night and day different. Gone was the vainglorious kindred who cared naught but for his own ego. In his place was a kindred with a weary and shell shocked demeanor. Caleb stayed long enough to formally disband the cult; telling them to go back to their lives and dividing the wealth he'd accumulated among each of them equally. Then, their master departed again. This time, he would not return.

He wandered again for a time. Where he went and what he did, none can really say. At some point though he reconnected with his family and made amends for the previous fallout. Most recently he has joined them in Atlanta. He attends the local court and other events when they remind him; but otherwise seems content to spend his nights among the mortals. His interests seem only in helping the same sort of humans that he had preyed upon in the past.


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OOC Information

Player: Ryan O.

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Storyteller: Sam G.

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Location: Rome, GA, USA