Caleb St Claire

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Caleb Saint Claire

Notable Traits: Perfectly Symmetrical. Calm and composed. Speaks with a lightly pleasant, but monotonous Southern drawl. Makes strange clicking/chittering sounds from time to time.

Sept: Sept of Desert Winds





  • When he starts swearing, things are about to get dangerous.
  • There are a large handful of fera that watch him closely.
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  • "It was a gamble bringing him to be the Margrave's assistant at the Concolation Moot but it could not have turned out better. There is still something disturbing about a shifter so closely tied to the weaver, but Caleb St Claire was competant and efficient. He is alright in my book." - Gunner Osterholt
  • "Caleb moves with purpose, listens well, and knows when to act. These are the reasons why We work so well." - Josiah
  • "Uncle Cru- Caleb taught me three new swears." - Micah
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Caleb St. Claire

Tribe: Ananasi
Domain: Last Refuge, CA
Player: Johnathan Fii - US2013090209
VST: Last Refuge DST