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Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talon
Honorary Spirit Rank: ••••
Glory: •••••
Purity •••••
Location: Unity Station, Xiva-Tau Nebula
Pack: The Sky Seekers
Player: Conner
Storyteller: Kate

Name: Brutus Leonin

Gender: Male

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Height: 6ft 1'

Hair: Brown, Crewcut

Eyes: Brown

Auspice: Rahu

Tribe: Blood Talon

Home Port: Unity Station, Xiva-Tau Nebula

Occupation: Freelancer, Former Staff Sergeant in the EFMC - Trained as a Vanguard

  • Embodiment of the Firstborn - Fenris-Ur
  • Primal Urge 6
  • A tattoo under his left pectoral along his ribs that reads Corvin Leonin, The Iron Lion
Taller than most, but by no means a giant, Brutus Leonin stands just over six feet tall (Though the boots he perpetually wears add another inch or so of height). Broad-shouldered and heavily muscled, yet still maintaining a natural grace in his movements, his physicality is a call-back to the founder of the Tribe he has chosen: Fenris-Ur. No-one could look upon him and mistake him for anything but a warrior.
Brutus carries himself as someone both accustomed to violence and always ready, eager even, for it to break out. He arms, usually left bare in the sleeveless shirts he favors, sport a wide variety of scars earned through a life-time of fighting; Brutus wears the scars as badges of honor. His perpetually furrowed brow and bad-habit of maintaining uncomfortably long eye contact gives Brutus a generally threatening air.
Having embraced his primal nature to an extent beyond most Forsaken, Brutus has noted difficulty interacting with others in social situations. His gruff tone and seemingly hostile expression drive most away before they really get a change to know him. This is especially true for humans that interact with him.
Those that manage to get past his rough exterior find a loyal and life-long friend. While not particularly affluent, Brutus is quick to share what he has with those that are close to him. And despite being somewhat jaded by almost a century of life Brutus is always the first to rush to the defense and protection of others. Especially if it means he gets to kill something big an dangerous - he is a Blood Talon Rahu, after all.

On April 23, 4030 Brutus is born on a small moon in the Verge that is, or rather was, home to a surprisingly large number of Forsaken and Wolfblooded. His mother was Cecile Leonin, a powerful Wolfblooded and entrepreneur who had made her fortune as the owner of a small, but profitable, weapons manufacturer. His father was Robert Leonin, a Captain in the EFMC and well respected Blood Talon Irraka. Brutus' older brother, Corvin, was born a year prior on April 24th, 4029.
Due to his father's occupation and the timing of his birth, just three years after the beginning of the Silent War, Brutus spent very little time with his Father growing up. He was educated by his mother Cecile and his great-aunt Levinia alongside his brother Corvin. It was during this time that he learned the History of the Leonin family which, according to the oral histories of his family, stretched all the way back to humanity leaving earth.
"A Leonin was there when the EFMC was founded. A Leonin was there when the early colonies vied against one another in battle, and a Leonin gave the order not to engage. The Leonin helped throw back the Thurisaz, and A Leonin was there when The Maelstrom died. And we will be there when the Silent are driven from the galaxy. We are a family of soldiers boys - and don't you ever forget it." - Levinia Leonin
In addition to learning the history of his family and of The People, Brutus and Corvin are taught to hunt, fight, scout, and lead by various Forsaken and Wolfblooded that call their small moon home. Brutus and Corvin, as most brothers do, develop a competitive sibling rivalry in their youth. Though Brutus was always stronger and faster and better at fighting than his older brother, Corvin quickly learned to play to his own strengths and relied on his wits and smarts to routinely put Brutus in his place. Despite their constant conflicts and frequent fights, the two developed a strong and loving bond that they would carry into adulthood.
On May 30th, 4044, at the age of 14, Brutus and his brother learned that their father had died in the Silent War. Despite never really getting the opportunity to know him well, both brothers idolized him and took his loss hard. Hard enough that the two of them lost themselves to their grief and Rage, undergoing their first change simultaneously. Thankfully their Aunt Levinia was nearby along with a number of older Uratha, and both Brutus and Corvin were subdued without loss of life (though both brothers left a scar on the other). Now fully-fledged Uratha Brutus and Corvin spend the next three years honing their skills and learning their duty.
Neither brother forgets what happened to their father, though, and neither can wait to sink their teeth and claws into the Silent Legion. It is during this time that Brutus joins the Blood Talon tribe and swears the Oaths of the Moon. Corvin opts to join the Storm Lords.
On June 30th, 4047 Brutus lies about his age and enlists with the EFMC alongside Corvin.
Brutus ans Corvin took to life in the Military like fish to water. Their natural physicality and youth spent training with various members of their extended family made boot camp a breeze for the two young men. But while Brutus continued to fall back on his natural athleticism and fighting skill to carry through Corvin started building friendship and trust with the other recruits. But the time basic training was over Brutus has established himself as the best soldier among the recruits, but Corvin has established himself as a leader. Given the need for competent and strong soldiers on the front lines, both Leonin brothers were assigned to the 1st Infantry, 3rd battalion, 2nd company and deployed into Sector 1 to fight The Silent Legion.
No one who fought in the Silent War would tell you that they enjoyed it. Those that claim they did are either lying or mad. But Brutus did find a sense of purpose in the nearly 10 years he was fighting The Silent. He'd chosen a tribe whose favorite prey were monsters, and here he was pitting himself against a legion of them. He quickly earned a reputation for bravery, and perhaps also recklessness, among the 1st Infantry as he sprinted head-long through enemy fire to rend the fallen with tooth and claw. Corvin, more level-headed though no less brave, demonstrated his wit and guile in engagement after engagement. Soon the two brothers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Brutus and his squad, comprised primarily of other Forsaken and a few Awakened, often deployed as a Vanguard against the Silent Legion. They were, collectively, known at 'The Tip of The Spear'.
While Brutus did manage to eventually earn the rank of Staff Sergeant, his straight-forward and stubborn nature prevented him for ascending the ranks any further. Corvin, having demonstrated his tactical brilliance and fighting prowess time and again, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, then Captain. Though normally individuals were not given a command that included their relatives, the nature of the war made rearranging the Battalion to remove Brutus from Corvin's command a near impossibility. But any worry that is brother might receive preferential treatment died after their first few engagements with Corvin in command: if anything he deployed Brutus' squad into positions that exposed them to even more danger than before. If it bothered Brutus, the young man never said.
The next few years were hell for the 1st Infantry, but they rallied together as only soldiers can. Corvin, for his stead-fast bravery and his brilliant leadership, earned the nickname The Iron Lion among the 1st Infantry. Brutus was called The Little Lion when it came to light that he had lied about his age to enlist early and that Corvin was his older brother. Brutus did not care for the nickname.
It became a point of pride for Brutus that he and his squad were given the most dangerous assignments, to the point where he often volunteered for dangerous assignments. It was on one such assignment in the two weeks leading up the the assault on Dumah that Brutus' squad was ambushed by the Silent. Brutus fought fiercely to hold back The Silent as they called in reinforcements. Just as Corvin arrived with a relief company and drove off the Silent Brutus was near-mortally wounded when one of The Mad put three silver flechettes through his chest, narrowly missing his heart. Though Brutus survived, he was under intensive care for three weeks following the engagement.
By then he had missed the drop onto Dumah
Brutus wasn't there when Corvin, leading hims men as brilliantly as ably as always, sacrificed his life on Dumah to throw back The Silent
Brutus, largely recovered from his wounds, does not respond well to the Stentorian Tribunal. Unsurprisingly given his direct and violent nature, this results in a number of minor brawls with EDF servicemen. Thankfully his record of service was enough to shield him somewhat and he was largely unpunished for the brawls. When he EF is absorbed into the EDF, Brutus like so many others is 'retired' from service. Brutus heads out into the expanse, trying to find new purpose in life. Unfortunately the distrust of Supernaturals, and especially Forsaken, make many hostile to his very presence. His vocal disrespect and disregard for the EDF and the Protectorate land in in jail a few times for short stints under the pretense of 'civil disobedience'. On three separate occasions Brutus is assaulted by various peoples, ranging from local police forces to rag-tag liquored-up militias determined to 'save' their town. Brutus responds as he always did - violently. He's charged with a number of crimes from assault to attempted murder, but the influence of the Leonin family, and the fact that he was technically acting in self-defense, manage to clear him of most charges. He serves a few years in prison on the assault charges, but is eventually released. It is during this time that he reconnects with Dana 'Damage Control' Casey and Kova 'Knives in the Night' Turner, two Forsaken that he fought alongside in the 1st infantry. The three of them form a pack name the Sky Seekers and bind themselves to Shooting Star, a spirit of Freedom and exploration. Together they head out into the Verge to seek adventure and fortune.
The three of them make a relatively good go at bounty hunting, but as none of them particularly wishes to join a Union they start getting forced to take odd jobs to make ends meet. the jobs range from serving as bodyguards to hunting big fuck-off monsters, but the three of them manged somehow. It is during this time that Brutus hears about one of his grandsons, Nathandir Kail, undergoing his first change. Brutus and his pack track Nathandir down and all but strong-arm him into joining the pack. Though he resents his lost life at first, the life of an ever-traveling rogue appeals to Nathandir and he finds his place within the Sky Seekers readily enough. About a year after Nathandir joins the pack they come across another, larger, pack of Forsaken. With them travels [Pixie], a young Wolfblooded that is, for all practical purposes, enslaved by the pack. Brutus, unable to allow such treatment to continue, challenges the Alpha of the pack for possession of Pixie. The Fight is short but brutal, ultimately ending in Brutus' victory. Unwilling to accept the outcome, the other pack attacks Brutus. They are subdued by the rest of Brutus pack, but not before one takes [Pixie] captive and threatens to kill her unless Brutus and his pack allow them to live. Brutus agrees and [Pixie] joins the Sky Seekers.
About a year later Shooting Star directs Brutus and his pack to a small, basically uninhabited moon in the Verge. Shortly after arriving the group is greeted by a massive, multi-colored explosion. At it's epicenter is what appears to be a man-boar hybrid that screams "I'M FREEEEE". After a moment of confusion, the individual reveals themselves to be Robert B., a civilian contractor and demolitions expert that was attached to the 1st Infantry during the Silent War. Brutus, confused, informs the pig-man that Robert died in a munitions malfunction nearly 70 years prior.
As it turns out, he had not. And thus did the Sky Seekers gain their sixth member, Robert 'Boar' B.
No one can remember what his last name was.

  • Dana 'Damage Control' Casey, commonly know as D.C.
  • Kova 'Knives in the Night' Turner, commonly called Knives
  • Nathandir 'Cutter' Kail
  • Pixie
  • Robert 'The Boar' B.
  • The Valiant (More to be added)

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