Camilla White

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Camilla Estella di Edmonda il bardi Giovanni White

Notable Traits: So much beading!

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


If you want to know someone's soul, listen to her music.


Camilla "Millie" White is an old-fashioned girl: she loves music, long walks on the beach, and drinking blood. She is not an old-fashioned Toreador. Speculation says Millie was a sculptor and composer who lost all of her talent in a botched Embrace.


  • "When I first met Millie, the music to 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' played in my head. That joie de vivre, that sass, and have you seen those gams? Luckily, instead of all the randomness of kidnapping and slavery... referring to the musical, of course... life really did become a song! Oh and she's sexier than a set of satin sheets! Seriously, that skin? That hair? Those lips? Those EYES? Incomparable." - Kweene
  • "No one should ever be that cheerful." - Salomé St. John
  • "She is the archetypal Toreador socialite. Even though we are of opposing sects, I find the sheer cunning she hides underneath that polite exterior to be truly intriguing." - Astraea
  • "Great Dancer," grins, "I think I like her." - Miguel Bain
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  • Millie was a singer but got rejected by the Daughters of Cacophony because of a political squabble between the Giovanni and the Daughters.
  • Millie's sire is a Satanist and has been known to perform divination with Millie's entrails.
  • All of Millie's childer are expected to create new forms of music. Failure to do so results in removal from House Marmo. She has had more than 12 failed childer. They have all disappeared.
  • Millie cannot be bribed to perform, but she has successfully been blackmailed.
  • Edmonda il Bardi, Millie's mortal mother and a Tremere Elder, is being held at the Atlanta chantry... at Millie's request.
  • Her Embrace as a Toreador was in fact orchestrated and approved of by the a punishment.
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