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Cana (Uncovers Light).jpg

Commonly Known Information

Name: Cana
Deed Name: Uncovers Light
Breed / Tribe / Auspice: Lupus / Fianna / Ragabash
Rank: Cliath
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Pack: None
Sept: Warrior's Wisdom (Phoenix, AZ)


In her native Lupus form, Cana is a large, deep-red wolf. Her long fur mostly covers scars on her right shoulder where her fur seems to have been burnt away. While she's normally the size of a direwolf, she prefers to shrink herself down to the size of a medium to large dog while doing anything besides hunting. She loves to hunt bunnies and other small game.

In Homid, Cana is lanky with long red hair that matches her Lupus coat. She normally wears simple clothing that allows for easy movement, and is still impressed by all the things thumbs can do. Her right shoulder and neck are marked by a large battle scar that looks like it had at one point been a necrotic wound.

Cana is usually cheerful and always eager to help around the sept, though her extremely curious nature tends to get her into trouble quite a lot.


Cana's mother was a Fianna wolf kinfolk, and her father was Garou. Her litter was born in the late spring of 2015, including her and five brothers. When the pups were around 6 months old, Cana's mother and brothers were killed by what she remembers as a Hunter attack. Somehow, she stayed silent and hidden and was passed over in the chaos of the attack and survived.

A few days later, a passing Uktena heard the pup crying and found her still hiding inside nearby tree. They traveled together until she had her first change (a few months before she reached 2 years old), at which point they changed route to find a sept so she could join Garou society.

She became a Cliath in November 2017, gaining the deed name Uncovers Light from her Successful rite of Passage.


  • Cana is the reason Southern California has a rule, "No taking Cubs into the deep umbra"
  • She had to wear a necklace of jingle bells until her Rite of Passage because she kept blurring and sneaking off
  • Cana will eat marshmallows until she pukes if left unsupervised with them
  • (add your own!)

OOC Information

Player: Colleen Kaster
Player Email:
Storyteller: Michael Day
Storyteller Email:

Location: Dead Man's Hand, Phoenix, AZ