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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Cannon Fodder

Notable Traits: Green camo and a armored vest, cane, and a pronounced limp

Pack: Last Resort

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Atlanta (TBD)


The product of a forbidden union (duh, metis) he had a youth spent as the sept omega and personal whipping boy of the den parent Cold Glare, at the Stone Mountain sept before it fell and everyone disappeared. He left shortly after Caustic Snarl but got lost trying to follow him. He spent most of his time living on the outskirts of Atlanta occasionally looked in on by his half brother Stitch. He eventually joined up as a member of Last Resort in pack to Kingsnake.


  • His mother was the Former Den Mother, Cold Glare
  • He doesn't actually need the cane and is deeply mentally broken like all undeformed Metis.
  • He's taken a vow of pacifism to never initiate combat.
  • Starts rumors about the other people in his sept when he gets bored.

Friend, Romans, Countrymen


Caustic Snarl - He's the only Bone Gnawer in a city the size of Atlanta and if that doesn't scare you, then it should because it's fucking terrifying to me. I don't think he'll even know how much of an inspiration he was to me to find the (non-working) balls to leave that abusive old sept. Yeah he's tight with a bunch of militant swamp people doomsday preppers but hey guess what IT'S NOT PARANOIA WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL YOU! That sort of thing helped the Bone Gnawer Great Sept survive the apocalypse, so you can't really fault him for following a plan that has been previously shown to be COMPLETELY EFFECTIVE AT WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO aka SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE.

Echoes the Forthcoming - So, he's an elder Red Talon who defected from the Sanctum because Fera are people too. Weird how fighting side by side with them and working in close contact with them over a long period of time will do that. I'm glad to have him in the pack and on the Concordat's team. I do wonder what tricks the old wolf has up his sleeve I haven't seen yet.

Atropos - "Where does he get those wonderful toys". Spidergunman, Spidergunman, something something Spidergunman. Spins a web, any size, catches BSDs, just like flies, LOOKOUT, it's Spidergunman. So I don't know why a colony of spiders decided they wanted to grow up to be an illegal gun runner but that's what happened and you can't tell me that's not frikking cool. Good support in combat, good to have on my team.

Amy Fannon - And you thought I had trouble controlling my filter?

Benjamin "Litigates Furiously" White - Not everyone is a white supremacist. Who thinks that? More to the point, who asks that about every stranger they are introduced to?


Stitch - "He ain't 'eavy, 'e's me bruvva". Well Half-brother anyway. Okay so...choices were made. I bit him. I cop to it. He's still mad at me and rightfully so. Ignorance is bliss and even the most helpful kinfolk doesn't really know what we go through. So I did what I felt I had to in order to keep him safe and my family alive. I still love him dearly, and I think he feels the same but it's still and odd point of friction between us, even if we share the same tribe.

...and the rest

Penelope St. Claire - ONE CANE. Just. one. cane. I don't need a showroom for canes. I mean sure I'm on like my 5th one this week but... At least it's always an interesting story when they get broken and she's never mad about replacing them.

Clickbait - El Jefe. First you get the money, then you get the info, then you get the women... Who you can't have sex with because you're both garou... So I'm trying to be nice and not to call him President Hawkeye because he's in a pack with three spider women. I've succeeded so far but it's bound to happen eventually. I'll keep my opinions on his pack's weird structure to myself for now. Aaaaaanyway, he's really quick when it comes to communications, which is always a blessing not not at all a surprise from a Galliard Glasswalker. Nice enough so far, more opinions as they form.

Commentary (Quotes)


Muckalee Creek Water - Luke Bryan
Waist deep in the Big Muddy - Pete Seeger
Try Everything - Shakira
Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell

OOC Information

Player: Sean Harley

Player Email:

Storyteller: Mike Boaz

Storyteller Email:

Location: Atlanta, GA